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About Engine

Engine is a simple framework to make 2D games in Ghost.


Currently messing around with SDL and experimenting on what the API should look like.


Website is currently in progress. You can find a local copy of some preliminary documentation here.


Below are the requirements necessary if working with the Engine source code directly.

  • SDL2
  • SDL2_image
  • SDL2_ttf

Requirements can be installed through brew on Mac:

$ brew install sdl2 sdl2_image sdl2_ttf


  • Engine should come with a set of built-in "modules" to interact with and configure various aspects of the framework and game.
    • Audio

      The Audio module lets you play audio files such as music or sound effects.

    • Engine

      The Engine module allows you to control and configure various aspects of hoe Engine as an application operates.

    • Window

      The Window module provides utilities for retrieving and setting the state of the game window.

    • Graphics

      The Graphics module provides utilities for drawing to the screen.

    • Keyboard

      The Keyboard module allows you to retrieve the state of the keyboard.

    • Mouse

      The Mouse module allows you to retrieve the state of the mouse.

    • Controller

      The Controller module allows you to retrieve the state of game controllers.

Built In Functions


Called only once before the game loop begins. This is where you would want to pre-load any resources, initialize variables, and configure settings. While its possible to perform these actions elsewhere in your code, its generally a better idea to do so here as its not called at every frame.


Called continuously where calculations and other deterministic factors should be performed.


Much like update, this function is called continuously, allowing you to draw and update the screen.

Acknowledgements & Resources

  • Dome for the inspiration.
  • Love2D for the inspiration.
  • Pico 8 for the inspiration.
  • SDL2 for audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware support.
  • go-sdl2 for the Go-specific SDL2 bindings.
  • Silver for the multi-lingual pixel font.


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