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v0.0.0 (17b5898)
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Path Synopsis
app Package app provides a platform-independent interface to operating system functionality for running graphical user interfaces.
app/headless Package headless implements headless windows for rendering an operation list to an image.
app/internal/cocoainit Package cocoainit initializes support for multithreaded programs in Cocoa.
app/internal/log Package points standard output, standard error and the standard library package log to the platform logger.
app/internal/window Package window implements platform specific windows and GPU contexts.
app/internal/xkb Package xkb implements a Go interface for the X Keyboard Extension library.
app/permission Package permission includes sub-packages that should be imported by a Gio program or by one of its dependencies to indicate that specific operating-system permissions are required.
app/permission/bluetooth Package bluetooth implements permissions to access Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy hardware, including the ability to discover and pair devices.
app/permission/storage Package storage implements read and write storage permissions on mobile devices.
f32 Package f32 is a float32 implementation of package image's Point and Rectangle.
font/gofont Package gofont exports the Go fonts as a text.Collection.
font/opentype Package opentype implements text layout and shaping for OpenType files.
gesture Package gesture implements common pointer gestures.
gpu Package gpu implements the rendering of Gio drawing operations.
internal/rendertest Package rendertest is intended for testing of drawing ops only.
io/event Package event contains the types for event handling.
io/key Package key implements key and text events and operations.
io/pointer Package pointer implements pointer events and operations.
io/profile Package profiles provides access to rendering profiles.
io/router Package router implements Router, a event.Queue implementation that that disambiguates and routes events to handlers declared in operation lists.
io/system Package system contains events usually handled at the top-level program level.
layout Package layout implements layouts common to GUI programs.
op Package op implements operations for updating a user interface.
op/clip Package clip provides operations for clipping paint operations.
op/paint Package paint provides drawing operations for 2D graphics.
unit Package unit implements device independent units and values.
widget Package widget implements state tracking and event handling of common user interface controls.
widget/material Package material implements the Material design.