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package glimpl

v0.0.0 (278e9bc)
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Published: Jun 3, 2020 | Licenses: MIT, Unlicense | Module:


type Functions

type Functions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Functions) ActiveTexture

func (f *Functions) ActiveTexture(texture gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) AttachShader

func (f *Functions) AttachShader(p gl.Program, s gl.Shader)

func (*Functions) BeginQuery

func (f *Functions) BeginQuery(target gl.Enum, query gl.Query)

func (*Functions) BindAttribLocation

func (f *Functions) BindAttribLocation(p gl.Program, a gl.Attrib, name string)

func (*Functions) BindBuffer

func (f *Functions) BindBuffer(target gl.Enum, b gl.Buffer)

func (*Functions) BindBufferBase

func (f *Functions) BindBufferBase(target gl.Enum, index int, b gl.Buffer)

func (*Functions) BindFramebuffer

func (f *Functions) BindFramebuffer(target gl.Enum, fb gl.Framebuffer)

func (*Functions) BindRenderbuffer

func (f *Functions) BindRenderbuffer(target gl.Enum, fb gl.Renderbuffer)

func (*Functions) BindTexture

func (f *Functions) BindTexture(target gl.Enum, t gl.Texture)

func (*Functions) BlendEquation

func (f *Functions) BlendEquation(mode gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) BlendFunc

func (f *Functions) BlendFunc(sfactor, dfactor gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) BufferData

func (f *Functions) BufferData(target gl.Enum, src []byte, usage gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) CheckFramebufferStatus

func (f *Functions) CheckFramebufferStatus(target gl.Enum) gl.Enum

func (*Functions) Clear

func (f *Functions) Clear(mask gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) ClearColor

func (f *Functions) ClearColor(red float32, green float32, blue float32, alpha float32)

func (*Functions) ClearDepthf

func (f *Functions) ClearDepthf(d float32)

func (*Functions) CompileShader

func (f *Functions) CompileShader(s gl.Shader)

func (*Functions) CreateBuffer

func (f *Functions) CreateBuffer() gl.Buffer

func (*Functions) CreateFramebuffer

func (f *Functions) CreateFramebuffer() gl.Framebuffer

func (*Functions) CreateProgram

func (f *Functions) CreateProgram() gl.Program

func (*Functions) CreateQuery

func (f *Functions) CreateQuery() gl.Query

func (*Functions) CreateRenderbuffer

func (f *Functions) CreateRenderbuffer() gl.Renderbuffer

func (*Functions) CreateShader

func (f *Functions) CreateShader(ty gl.Enum) gl.Shader

func (*Functions) CreateTexture

func (f *Functions) CreateTexture() gl.Texture

func (*Functions) DeleteBuffer

func (f *Functions) DeleteBuffer(v gl.Buffer)

func (*Functions) DeleteFramebuffer

func (f *Functions) DeleteFramebuffer(v gl.Framebuffer)

func (*Functions) DeleteProgram

func (f *Functions) DeleteProgram(p gl.Program)

func (*Functions) DeleteQuery

func (f *Functions) DeleteQuery(query gl.Query)

func (*Functions) DeleteRenderbuffer

func (f *Functions) DeleteRenderbuffer(v gl.Renderbuffer)

func (*Functions) DeleteShader

func (f *Functions) DeleteShader(s gl.Shader)

func (*Functions) DeleteTexture

func (f *Functions) DeleteTexture(v gl.Texture)

func (*Functions) DepthFunc

func (f *Functions) DepthFunc(v gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) DepthMask

func (f *Functions) DepthMask(mask bool)

func (*Functions) Disable

func (f *Functions) Disable(cap gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) DisableVertexAttribArray

func (f *Functions) DisableVertexAttribArray(a gl.Attrib)

func (*Functions) DrawArrays

func (f *Functions) DrawArrays(mode gl.Enum, first int, count int)

func (*Functions) DrawElements

func (f *Functions) DrawElements(mode gl.Enum, count int, ty gl.Enum, offset int)

func (*Functions) Enable

func (f *Functions) Enable(cap gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) EnableVertexAttribArray

func (f *Functions) EnableVertexAttribArray(a gl.Attrib)

func (*Functions) EndQuery

func (f *Functions) EndQuery(target gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) Finish

func (f *Functions) Finish()

func (*Functions) FramebufferRenderbuffer

func (f *Functions) FramebufferRenderbuffer(target, attachment, renderbuffertarget gl.Enum, renderbuffer gl.Renderbuffer)

func (*Functions) FramebufferTexture2D

func (f *Functions) FramebufferTexture2D(target, attachment, texTarget gl.Enum, t gl.Texture, level int)

func (*Functions) GetBinding

func (c *Functions) GetBinding(pname gl.Enum) gl.Object

func (*Functions) GetError

func (f *Functions) GetError() gl.Enum

func (*Functions) GetFramebufferAttachmentParameteri

func (f *Functions) GetFramebufferAttachmentParameteri(target, attachment, pname gl.Enum) int

func (*Functions) GetInteger

func (f *Functions) GetInteger(pname gl.Enum) int

func (*Functions) GetProgramInfoLog

func (f *Functions) GetProgramInfoLog(p gl.Program) string

func (*Functions) GetProgrami

func (f *Functions) GetProgrami(p gl.Program, pname gl.Enum) int

func (*Functions) GetQueryObjectuiv

func (f *Functions) GetQueryObjectuiv(query gl.Query, pname gl.Enum) uint

func (*Functions) GetRenderbufferParameteri

func (f *Functions) GetRenderbufferParameteri(target, pname gl.Enum) int

func (*Functions) GetShaderInfoLog

func (f *Functions) GetShaderInfoLog(s gl.Shader) string

func (*Functions) GetShaderi

func (f *Functions) GetShaderi(s gl.Shader, pname gl.Enum) int

func (*Functions) GetString

func (f *Functions) GetString(pname gl.Enum) string

func (*Functions) GetStringi

func (f *Functions) GetStringi(pname gl.Enum, index int) string

func (*Functions) GetUniformBlockIndex

func (f *Functions) GetUniformBlockIndex(p gl.Program, name string) uint

func (*Functions) GetUniformLocation

func (f *Functions) GetUniformLocation(p gl.Program, name string) gl.Uniform

func (*Functions) InvalidateFramebuffer

func (f *Functions) InvalidateFramebuffer(target, attachment gl.Enum)

func (*Functions) LinkProgram

func (f *Functions) LinkProgram(p gl.Program)

func (*Functions) PixelStorei

func (f *Functions) PixelStorei(pname gl.Enum, param int32)

func (*Functions) ReadPixels

func (f *Functions) ReadPixels(x, y, width, height int, format, ty gl.Enum, data []byte)

func (*Functions) RenderbufferStorage

func (f *Functions) RenderbufferStorage(target, internalformat gl.Enum, width, height int)

func (*Functions) Scissor

func (f *Functions) Scissor(x, y, width, height int32)

func (*Functions) ShaderSource

func (f *Functions) ShaderSource(s gl.Shader, src string)

func (*Functions) TexImage2D

func (f *Functions) TexImage2D(target gl.Enum, level int, internalFormat int, width int, height int, format gl.Enum, ty gl.Enum, data []byte)

func (*Functions) TexParameteri

func (f *Functions) TexParameteri(target, pname gl.Enum, param int)

func (*Functions) TexSubImage2D

func (f *Functions) TexSubImage2D(target gl.Enum, level int, x int, y int, width int, height int, format gl.Enum, ty gl.Enum, data []byte)

func (*Functions) Uniform1f

func (f *Functions) Uniform1f(dst gl.Uniform, v float32)

func (*Functions) Uniform1i

func (f *Functions) Uniform1i(dst gl.Uniform, v int)

func (*Functions) Uniform2f

func (f *Functions) Uniform2f(dst gl.Uniform, v0 float32, v1 float32)

func (*Functions) Uniform3f

func (f *Functions) Uniform3f(dst gl.Uniform, v0 float32, v1 float32, v2 float32)

func (*Functions) Uniform4f

func (f *Functions) Uniform4f(dst gl.Uniform, v0 float32, v1 float32, v2 float32, v3 float32)

func (*Functions) UniformBlockBinding

func (f *Functions) UniformBlockBinding(p gl.Program, uniformBlockIndex uint, uniformBlockBinding uint)

func (*Functions) UseProgram

func (f *Functions) UseProgram(p gl.Program)

func (*Functions) VertexAttribPointer

func (f *Functions) VertexAttribPointer(dst gl.Attrib, size int, ty gl.Enum, normalized bool, stride int, offset int)

func (*Functions) Viewport

func (f *Functions) Viewport(x int, y int, width int, height int)
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