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Package permission includes sub-packages that should be imported by a Gio program or by one of its dependencies to indicate that specific operating-system permissions are required. For example, if a Gio program requires access to a device's Bluetooth interface, it should import "" as follows:

package main

import (
	_ ""

func main() {

Since there are no exported identifiers in the app/permission/bluetooth package, the import uses the anonymous identifier (_) as the imported package name.

As a special case, the gogio tool detects when a program directly or indirectly depends on the "net" package from the Go standard library as an indication that the program requires network access permissions. If a program requires network permissions but does not directly or indirectly import "net", it will be necessary to add the following code somewhere in the program's source code:

import (
	_ "net"

Android -- Dangerous Permissions

Certain permissions on Android are marked with a protection level of "dangerous". This means that, in addition to including the relevant Gio permission packages, your app will need to prompt the user specifically to request access. This can be done with a java Fragment, installed using (*app.Window).RegisterFragment(). For more information on dangerous permissions, see:

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