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Published: Jun 3, 2020 | Licenses: MIT , Unlicense | Module:


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type RGBA

type RGBA struct {
	R, G, B, A float32

RGBA is a 32 bit floating point linear space color.


func RGBAFromSRGB(col color.Color) RGBA

RGBAFromSRGB converts color.Color to RGBA.

func (RGBA) Array

func (rgba RGBA) Array() [4]float32

Array returns rgba values in a [4]float32 array.

func (RGBA) Float32

func (col RGBA) Float32() (r, g, b, a float32)

Float32 returns r, g, b, a values.

func (RGBA) Opaque

func (col RGBA) Opaque() RGBA

Opaque returns the color without alpha component.

func (RGBA) SRGB

func (col RGBA) SRGB() color.RGBA

SRGBA converts from linear to sRGB color space.

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