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const (
	PBehaviorCollectionName = "default_pbehavior"

PBehaviorCollectionName is where we store pbehaviors


This section is empty.


func DefaultCollection

func DefaultCollection(session *mgo.Session) mongo.Collection


type Adapter

type Adapter interface {
	// Get read pbehaviors from db
	Get(bson.M) ([]types.PBehavior, error)

	// Insert insert pbehavior in db
	Insert(types.PBehavior) error

	// Update insert pbehavior in db
	Update(types.PBehavior) error

	// RemoveId remove pbehavior from db by id
	RemoveId(string) error

	// GetByEntityIds get pbehaviors from db by Entity IDs
	GetByEntityIds(eids []string, enabled bool) ([]types.PBehavior, error)

func NewAdapter

func NewAdapter(collection mongo.Collection) Adapter

NewAdapter gives the correct mongo pbehavior adapter.

type Service

type Service interface {
	// Create declare a new pbheavior
	Insert(types.PBehavior) error

	// Get find pbehaviors from db
	Get(bson.M) ([]types.PBehavior, error)

	// Remove remove a pbehavior
	Remove(types.PBehavior) error

	// AlarmHasPBehavior checks if an alarm has an enabled pbehavior on it. Be
	// careful, this method does not check if a pbehavior is active.
	AlarmHasPBehavior(types.Alarm) bool

	// GetByEntityIds retrieves every pbehaviors on a list of entities
	GetByEntityIds(eids []string, enabled bool) ([]types.PBehavior, error)

	// HasActivePBehavior returns true if the entity has an active pbehavior.
	HasActivePBehavior(entityID string) bool

Service allows you to manipulate actions.

func NewService

func NewService(pbehaviorAdapter Adapter, logger zerolog.Logger) Service

NewService gives the correct pbehavior adapter.

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