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func DefaultDBProvider

func DefaultDBProvider(ctx *DBContext) (dbm.DB, error)

    DefaultDBProvider returns a database using the DBBackend and DBDir specified in the ctx.Config.


    type DBContext

    type DBContext struct {
    	ID     string
    	Config *cfg.Config

      DBContext specifies config information for loading a new DB.

      type DBProvider

      type DBProvider func(*DBContext) (dbm.DB, error)

        DBProvider takes a DBContext and returns an instantiated DB.

        type GenesisDocProvider

        type GenesisDocProvider func() (*types.GenesisDoc, error)

          GenesisDocProvider returns a GenesisDoc. It allows the GenesisDoc to be pulled from sources other than the filesystem, for instance from a distributed key-value store cluster.

          func DefaultGenesisDocProviderFunc

          func DefaultGenesisDocProviderFunc(config *cfg.Config) GenesisDocProvider

            DefaultGenesisDocProviderFunc returns a GenesisDocProvider that loads the GenesisDoc from the config.GenesisFile() on the filesystem.

            type MetricsProvider

            type MetricsProvider func(chainID string) (*cs.Metrics, *p2p.Metrics, *mempl.Metrics, *sm.Metrics)

              MetricsProvider returns a consensus, p2p and mempool Metrics.

              func DefaultMetricsProvider

              func DefaultMetricsProvider(config *cfg.InstrumentationConfig) MetricsProvider

                DefaultMetricsProvider returns Metrics build using Prometheus client library if Prometheus is enabled. Otherwise, it returns no-op Metrics.

                type Node

                type Node struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Node is the highest level interface to a full Tendermint node. It includes all configuration information and running services.

                  func DefaultNewNode

                  func DefaultNewNode(config *cfg.Config, logger log.Logger) (*Node, error)

                    DefaultNewNode returns a Tendermint node with default settings for the PrivValidator, ClientCreator, GenesisDoc, and DBProvider. It implements NodeProvider.

                    func NewNode

                    func NewNode(config *cfg.Config,
                    	privValidator types.PrivValidator,
                    	nodeKey *p2p.NodeKey,
                    	clientCreator proxy.ClientCreator,
                    	genesisDocProvider GenesisDocProvider,
                    	dbProvider DBProvider,
                    	metricsProvider MetricsProvider,
                    	logger log.Logger) (*Node, error)

                      NewNode returns a new, ready to go, Tendermint Node.

                      func (*Node) BlockStore

                      func (n *Node) BlockStore() *bc.BlockStore

                        BlockStore returns the Node's BlockStore.

                        func (*Node) Config

                        func (n *Node) Config() *cfg.Config

                          Config returns the Node's config.

                          func (*Node) ConfigureRPC

                          func (n *Node) ConfigureRPC()

                            ConfigureRPC sets all variables in rpccore so they will serve rpc calls from this node

                            func (*Node) ConsensusReactor

                            func (n *Node) ConsensusReactor() *cs.ConsensusReactor

                              ConsensusReactor returns the Node's ConsensusReactor.

                              func (*Node) ConsensusState

                              func (n *Node) ConsensusState() *cs.ConsensusState

                                ConsensusState returns the Node's ConsensusState.

                                func (*Node) EventBus

                                func (n *Node) EventBus() *types.EventBus

                                  EventBus returns the Node's EventBus.

                                  func (*Node) EvidencePool

                                  func (n *Node) EvidencePool() *evidence.EvidencePool

                                    EvidencePool returns the Node's EvidencePool.

                                    func (*Node) GenesisDoc

                                    func (n *Node) GenesisDoc() *types.GenesisDoc

                                      GenesisDoc returns the Node's GenesisDoc.

                                      func (*Node) IsListening

                                      func (n *Node) IsListening() bool

                                      func (*Node) Listeners

                                      func (n *Node) Listeners() []string

                                      func (*Node) MempoolReactor

                                      func (n *Node) MempoolReactor() *mempl.MempoolReactor

                                        MempoolReactor returns the Node's MempoolReactor.

                                        func (*Node) NodeInfo

                                        func (n *Node) NodeInfo() p2p.NodeInfo

                                          NodeInfo returns the Node's Info from the Switch.

                                          func (*Node) OnStart

                                          func (n *Node) OnStart() error

                                            OnStart starts the Node. It implements cmn.Service.

                                            func (*Node) OnStop

                                            func (n *Node) OnStop()

                                              OnStop stops the Node. It implements cmn.Service.

                                              func (*Node) PrivValidator

                                              func (n *Node) PrivValidator() types.PrivValidator

                                                PrivValidator returns the Node's PrivValidator. XXX: for convenience only!

                                                func (*Node) ProxyApp

                                                func (n *Node) ProxyApp() proxy.AppConns

                                                  ProxyApp returns the Node's AppConns, representing its connections to the ABCI application.

                                                  func (*Node) Switch

                                                  func (n *Node) Switch() *p2p.Switch

                                                    Switch returns the Node's Switch.

                                                    type NodeGreeting

                                                    type NodeGreeting struct {
                                                    	Version string
                                                    	ChainID string
                                                    	Message string
                                                    	Time    time.Time

                                                    type NodeID

                                                    type NodeID struct {
                                                    	Name   string
                                                    	PubKey crypto.PubKey

                                                    type NodeProvider

                                                    type NodeProvider func(*cfg.Config, log.Logger) (*Node, error)

                                                      NodeProvider takes a config and a logger and returns a ready to go Node.

                                                      type PrivNodeID

                                                      type PrivNodeID struct {
                                                      	PrivKey crypto.PrivKey

                                                      func (*PrivNodeID) SignGreeting

                                                      func (pnid *PrivNodeID) SignGreeting() *SignedNodeGreeting

                                                      type SignedNodeGreeting

                                                      type SignedNodeGreeting struct {
                                                      	Signature []byte