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const (
	FlagMinGasPrices = "minimum-gas-prices"

Tendermint full-node start flags

func AddCommands

func AddCommands(
	ctx *Context, cdc *codec.Codec,
	rootCmd *cobra.Command,
	appCreator AppCreator, appExport AppExporter)

add server commands

func ExportCmd

func ExportCmd(ctx *Context, cdc *codec.Codec, appExporter AppExporter) *cobra.Command

ExportCmd dumps app state to JSON.

func ExternalIP

func ExternalIP() (string, error) TODO there must be a better way to get external IP

func FreeTCPAddr

func FreeTCPAddr() (addr, port string, err error)

Get a free address for a test tendermint server protocol is either tcp, http, etc

func GenerateCoinKey

func GenerateCoinKey() (sdk.AccAddress, string, error)

GenerateCoinKey returns the address of a public key, along with the secret phrase to recover the private key.

func GenerateSaveCoinKey

func GenerateSaveCoinKey(clientRoot, keyName, keyPass string,
	overwrite bool) (sdk.AccAddress, string, error)

GenerateSaveCoinKey returns the address of a public key, along with the secret phrase to recover the private key.

func InsertKeyJSON

func InsertKeyJSON(cdc *codec.Codec, baseJSON []byte, key string, value json.RawMessage) ([]byte, error)

InsertKeyJSON inserts a new JSON field/key with a given value to an existing JSON message. An error is returned if any serialization operation fails.

NOTE: The ordering of the keys returned as the resulting JSON message is non-deterministic, so the client should not rely on key ordering.

func PersistentPreRunEFn

func PersistentPreRunEFn(context *Context) func(*cobra.Command, []string) error

PersistentPreRunEFn returns a PersistentPreRunE function for cobra that initailizes the passed in context with a properly configured logger and config object.

func SetupViper

func SetupViper(t *testing.T) func()

SetupViper creates a homedir to run inside, and returns a cleanup function to defer

func ShowAddressCmd

func ShowAddressCmd(ctx *Context) *cobra.Command

ShowAddressCmd - show this node's validator address

func ShowNodeIDCmd

func ShowNodeIDCmd(ctx *Context) *cobra.Command

ShowNodeIDCmd - ported from Tendermint, dump node ID to stdout

func ShowValidatorCmd

func ShowValidatorCmd(ctx *Context) *cobra.Command

ShowValidator - ported from Tendermint, show this node's validator info

func StartCmd

func StartCmd(ctx *Context, appCreator AppCreator) *cobra.Command

StartCmd runs the service passed in, either stand-alone or in-process with Tendermint.

func TrapSignal

func TrapSignal(cleanupFunc func())

TrapSignal traps SIGINT and SIGTERM and terminates the server correctly.

func UnsafeResetAllCmd

func UnsafeResetAllCmd(ctx *Context) *cobra.Command

UnsafeResetAllCmd - extension of the tendermint command, resets initialization

func UpgradeOldPrivValFile

func UpgradeOldPrivValFile(config *cfg.Config)

UpgradeOldPrivValFile converts old priv_validator.json file (prior to Tendermint 0.28) to the new priv_validator_key.json and priv_validator_state.json files.

func VersionCmd

func VersionCmd(ctx *Context) *cobra.Command

VersionCmd prints tendermint and ABCI version numbers.

type AppCreator

type AppCreator func(log.Logger, dbm.DB, io.Writer) abci.Application

AppCreator is a function that allows us to lazily initialize an application using various configurations.

type AppExporter

type AppExporter func(log.Logger, dbm.DB, io.Writer, int64, bool, []string) (json.RawMessage, []tmtypes.GenesisValidator, error)

AppExporter is a function that dumps all app state to JSON-serializable structure and returns the current validator set.

type Context

type Context struct {
	Config *cfg.Config
	Logger log.Logger

server context

func NewContext

func NewContext(config *cfg.Config, logger log.Logger) *Context

func NewDefaultContext

func NewDefaultContext() *Context

Package Files

  • constructors.go
  • export.go
  • init.go
  • start.go
  • test_helpers.go
  • tm_cmds.go
  • util.go
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