* Copyright (C) 2018 The DNA Authors * This file is part of The DNA library. * * The DNA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * The DNA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU Lesser General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License * along with The DNA. If not, see <>.



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    const (
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    const (
    	DEFAULT_EXPORT_FILE   = "./OntBlocks.dat"
    	DEFAULT_ABI_PATH      = "./abi"
    	DEFAULT_WALLET_PATH   = "./executor_data"
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    const (
    	VERSION_TRANSACTION    = byte(0)
    	VERSION_CONTRACT_ONT   = byte(0)
    	VERSION_CONTRACT_ONG   = byte(0)
    	CONTRACT_TRANSFER      = "transfer"
    	CONTRACT_TRANSFER_FROM = "transferFrom"
    	CONTRACT_APPROVE       = "approve"
    	ASSET_ONT = "ont"
    	ASSET_ONG = "ong"
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    const (
    	PARAMS_SPLIT          = ","
    	PARAM_TYPE_SPLIT      = ":"
    	PARAM_TYPE_ARRAY      = "array"
    	PARAM_TYPE_BYTE_ARRAY = "bytearray"
    	PARAM_TYPE_STRING     = "string"
    	PARAM_TYPE_INTEGER    = "int"
    	PARAM_TYPE_BOOLEAN    = "bool"
    	PARAM_TYPE_ADDRESS    = "address"
    	PARAM_LEFT_BRACKET    = "["
    	PARAM_ESC_CHAR        = `/`
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    const (
    	ERROR_DNA_COMMON     = 10000
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    const (
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    const (
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    const JSON_RPC_VERSION = "2.0"

      JsonRpc version


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      var (
      	//DNA setting
      	ConfigFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "config",
      		Usage: "Genesis block config `<file>`. If doesn't specifies, use main net config as default.",
      	LogLevelFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "loglevel",
      		Usage: "Set the log level to `<level>` (0~6). 0:Trace 1:Debug 2:Info 3:Warn 4:Error 5:Fatal 6:MaxLevel",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL,
      	DisableLogFileFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-log-file",
      		Usage: "Discard log output to file",
      	DisableEventLogFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-event-log",
      		Usage: "Discard event log output by smart contract execution",
      	ExecutorFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "executor,w",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_WALLET_FILE_NAME,
      		Usage: "Executor `<file>`",
      	ImportFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "import-file",
      		Usage: "Path of import `<file>`",
      	ImportEndHeightFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "end-height",
      		Usage: "Stop import block `<height>` of the import.",
      	DataDirFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "data-dir",
      		Usage: "Block data storage `<path>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_DATA_DIR,
      	//Consensus setting
      	EnableConsensusFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "enable-consensus",
      		Usage: "Start consensus module",
      	MaxTxInBlockFlag = cli.IntFlag{
      		Name:  "max-tx-in-block",
      		Usage: "Max transaction `<number>` in block",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_MAX_TX_IN_BLOCK,
      	GasLimitFlag = cli.Uint64Flag{
      		Name:  "gaslimit",
      		Usage: "Min gas limit `<value>` of transaction to be accepted by tx pool.",
      		Value: neovm.MIN_TRANSACTION_GAS,
      	GasPriceFlag = cli.Uint64Flag{
      		Name:  "gasprice",
      		Usage: "Min gas price `<value>` of transaction to be accepted by tx pool.",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_GAS_PRICE,
      	//Test Mode setting
      	EnableTestModeFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "testmode",
      		Usage: "Single node network for testing. In test mode, will start rpc, rest, web socket server, and set default gasprice to 0",
      	TestModeGenBlockTimeFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "testmode-gen-block-time",
      		Usage: "Block-out `<time>`(s) in test mode.",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_GEN_BLOCK_TIME,
      	//P2P setting
      	ReservedPeersOnlyFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "reserved-only",
      		Usage: "Connect reserved peers only. Reserved peers are configured with --reserved-file.",
      	ReservedPeersFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "reserved-file",
      		Usage: "Reserved peers `<file>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_RESERVED_FILE,
      	NetworkIdFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "networkid",
      		Usage: "Network id `<number>`. 1=DNA main net, 2=polaris test net, 3=testmode, and other for custom network",
      		Value: config.NETWORK_ID_MAIN_NET,
      	NodePortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "nodeport",
      		Usage: "P2P network port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_NODE_PORT,
      	HttpInfoPortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "httpinfo-port",
      		Usage: "The listening port of http server for viewing node information `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_HTTP_INFO_PORT,
      	MaxConnInBoundFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "max-conn-in-bound",
      		Usage: "Max connection `<number>` in bound",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_MAX_CONN_IN_BOUND,
      	MaxConnOutBoundFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "max-conn-out-bound",
      		Usage: "Max connection `<number>` out bound",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_MAX_CONN_OUT_BOUND,
      	MaxConnInBoundForSingleIPFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "max-conn-in-bound-single-ip",
      		Usage: "Max connection `<number>` in bound for single ip",
      	CertPathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "cert-path",
      		Usage: "node ca path for node",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_CERT_PATH,
      	KeyPathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "key-path",
      		Usage: "node key path for node",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_KEY_PATH,
      	CaPathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "ca-path",
      		Usage: "root ca path for node",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_CERT_PATH,
      	// RPC settings
      	RPCDisabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-rpc",
      		Usage: "Shut down the rpc server.",
      	RPCPortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "rpcport",
      		Usage: "Json rpc server listening port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_RPC_PORT,
      	RPCLocalEnableFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "localrpc",
      		Usage: "Enable local rpc server",
      	RPCLocalProtFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "localrpcport",
      		Usage: "Json rpc local server listening port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_RPC_LOCAL_PORT,
      	//Websocket setting
      	WsEnabledFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "ws",
      		Usage: "Enable web socket server",
      	WsPortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "wsport",
      		Usage: "Ws server listening port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_WS_PORT,
      	//Restful setting
      	RestfulEnableFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "rest",
      		Usage: "Enable restful api server",
      	RestfulPortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "restport",
      		Usage: "Restful server listening port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_REST_PORT,
      	RestfulMaxConnsFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "restmaxconns",
      		Usage: "Restful server maximum connections `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_REST_MAX_CONN,
      	//Account setting
      	AccountPassFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:   "password,p",
      		Hidden: true,
      		Usage:  "Account `<password>` when DNA node starts.",
      	AccountAddressFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "account,a",
      		Usage: "Account `<address>` when the DNA node starts. If not specific, using default account instead",
      	AccountDefaultFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "default,d",
      		Usage: "Default settings to create a new account (equal to '-t ecdsa -b 256 -s SHA256withECDSA')",
      	AccountTypeFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "type,t",
      		Usage: "Specifies the `<key-type>` by signature algorithm.",
      	AccountKeylenFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "bit-length,b",
      		Usage: "Specifies the `<bit-length>` of key",
      	AccountSigSchemeFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "signature-scheme,s",
      		Usage: "Specifies the signature scheme `<scheme>`",
      	AccountSetDefaultFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "as-default,d",
      		Usage: "Set the specified account to default account of executor",
      	AccountQuantityFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "number,n",
      		Value: 1,
      		Usage: "Specifies the `<quantity>` of account to create.",
      	AccountSourceFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "source,s",
      		Usage: "Source executor `<file>` to import",
      	AccountLabelFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "label,l",
      		Usage: "Set account `<label>` for easy and fast use of accounts.",
      	AccountKeyFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "key,k",
      		Usage: "Use `<private key>` (hex encoding) of the account",
      	AccountVerboseFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "verbose,v",
      		Usage: "Display accounts with details",
      	AccountChangePasswdFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "change-passwd",
      		Usage: "Change account password",
      	AccountLowSecurityFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "low-security",
      		Usage: "Change account to low protection strength for low performance devices",
      	AccountWIFFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "wif",
      		Usage: "Import WIF keys from the source file specified by --source option",
      	AccountPEMFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "pem",
      		Usage: "Import private key from a PEM file specified by --source option",
      	AccountMultiMFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "m",
      		Usage: "Min signature `<number>` of multi signature address",
      		Value: 1,
      	AccountMultiPubKeyFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "pubkey",
      		Usage: "Pub key list of multi `<addresses>`, separate addreses with comma `,`",
      	IdentityFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "idfor",
      		Usage: "create an IDFOR ID instead of account",
      	//SmartContract setting
      	ContractAddrFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "address",
      		Usage: "Contract `<address>`",
      	ContractStorageFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "needstore",
      		Usage: "Is need use storage in contract",
      	ContractCodeFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "code",
      		Usage: "File path of contract code `<path>`",
      	ContractNameFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "name",
      		Usage: "Specifies contract name to `<name>`",
      	ContractVersionFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "version",
      		Usage: "Specifies contract version to `<ver>`",
      	ContractAuthorFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "author",
      		Usage: "Set `<address>` as the contract owner",
      		Value: "",
      	ContractEmailFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "email",
      		Usage: "Set `<email>` owner's email address",
      		Value: "",
      	ContractDescFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "desc",
      		Usage: "Set `<text>` as the description of the contract",
      		Value: "",
      	ContractParamsFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "params",
      		Usage: "Contract parameters list to invoke. separate params with comma ','",
      	ContractPrepareDeployFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "prepare,p",
      		Usage: "Prepare deploy contract without commit to ledger",
      	ContractPrepareInvokeFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "prepare,p",
      		Usage: "Prepare invoke contract without commit to ledger",
      	ContractReturnTypeFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "return",
      		Usage: "Return `<type>` of contract. bytearray(hexstring), string, integer, boolean",
      	//information cmd settings
      	BlockHashInfoFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "hash",
      		Usage: "Get block info by block hash",
      	BlockHeightInfoFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "height",
      		Usage: "Get block info by block height",
      	//Transfer setting
      	TransactionAssetFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "asset",
      		Usage: "Asset of ONT or ONG",
      		Value: ASSET_ONT,
      	TransactionFromFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "from",
      		Usage: "Transfer-out account `<address>`",
      	TransactionToFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "to",
      		Usage: "Transfer-in account `<address>`",
      	TransactionAmountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "amount",
      		Usage: "Transfer `<amount>`. Float number",
      	TransactionHashFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "hash",
      		Usage: "Transaction `<hash>`",
      	TransactionGasPriceFlag = cli.Uint64Flag{
      		Name:  "gasprice",
      		Usage: "Gas price of transaction",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_GAS_PRICE,
      	TransactionGasLimitFlag = cli.Uint64Flag{
      		Name:  "gaslimit",
      		Usage: "Gas limit of the transaction",
      		Value: neovm.MIN_TRANSACTION_GAS,
      	TransactionPayerFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "payer",
      		Usage: "Transaction fee payer `<address>`,Default is the signer address",
      	//Asset setting
      	ApproveAssetFromFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "from",
      		Usage: "Transfer-out account `<address>`",
      	ApproveAssetToFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "to",
      		Usage: "Transfer-in account `<address>`",
      	ApproveAssetFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "asset",
      		Usage: "Asset of ONT of ONG to approve",
      		Value: "ont",
      	ApproveAmountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "amount",
      		Usage: "Amount of approve. Float number",
      	TransferFromAmountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "amount",
      		Usage: "Amount of transfer from. Float number",
      	TransferFromSenderFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "sender",
      		Usage: "Sender account `<address>` of transfer from transaction, Default is transfer-to account",
      	SendTxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "send,s",
      		Usage: "Send raw transaction to DNA",
      	ForceSendTxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "force,f",
      		Usage: "Force to send transaction",
      	RawTransactionFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "raw-tx",
      		Usage: "Raw `<transaction>` encode with hex string",
      	PrepareExecTransactionFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "prepare,p",
      		Usage: "Prepare execute transaction, without commit to ledger",
      	WithdrawONGReceiveAccountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "receive",
      		Usage: "ONG receive `<address>`,Default the same with owner account",
      	WithdrawONGAmountFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "amount",
      		Usage: "Withdraw amount `<number>`, Float number. Default withdraw all",
      	ForceTxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "force,f",
      		Usage: "Force to send transaction",
      	//Cli setting
      	CliAddressFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "cliaddress",
      		Usage: "Rpc bind `<address>`",
      		Value: config.DEFUALT_CLI_RPC_ADDRESS,
      	CliRpcPortFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "cliport",
      		Usage: "Rpc bind port `<number>`",
      		Value: config.DEFAULT_CLI_RPC_PORT,
      	CliABIPathFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "abi",
      		Usage: "Abi `<file>` path",
      		Value: DEFAULT_ABI_PATH,
      	CliExecutorDirFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "executordir",
      		Usage: "Executor data `<path>`",
      	//Export setting
      	ExportFileFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "export-file",
      		Usage: "Export `<file>` path",
      	ExportStartHeightFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "start-height",
      		Usage: "Start block height `<number>` to export",
      	ExportEndHeightFlag = cli.UintFlag{
      		Name:  "end-height",
      		Usage: "Stop block height `<number>` to export",
      	ExportSpeedFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "export-speed",
      		Usage: "Export block speed `<level>` (h|m|l), h for high speed, m for middle speed and l for low speed",
      		Value: "m",
      	//PreExecute switcher
      	TxpoolPreExecDisableFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-tx-pool-pre-exec",
      		Usage: "Disable preExecute in tx pool",
      	//local PreExecute switcher
      	DisableSyncVerifyTxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-sync-verify-tx",
      		Usage: "Disable sync verify transaction in interface",
      	DisableBroadcastNetTxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
      		Name:  "disable-broadcast-net-tx",
      		Usage: "Disable broadcast tx from network in tx pool",
      	NonOptionFlag = cli.StringFlag{
      		Name:  "option",
      		Usage: "this command does not need option, please run directly",
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      var (
      	PARAM_TYPE_SPLIT_INC = string([]byte{0})
      	PARAM_SPLIT_INC      = string([]byte{1})


      func Approve

      func Approve(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, signer *account.Account, asset, from, to string, amount uint64) (string, error)

      func ApproveTx

      func ApproveTx(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, asset string, from, to string, amount uint64) (*types.MutableTransaction, error)

      func BuildWasmVMInvokeCode

      func BuildWasmVMInvokeCode(smartcodeAddress common.Address, methodName string, paramType wasmvm.ParamType, version byte, params []interface{}) ([]byte, error)

        BuildWasmVMInvokeCode return wasn vm invoke code

        func CheckAssetAmount

        func CheckAssetAmount(asset string, amount uint64) error

        func CompressBlockData

        func CompressBlockData(data []byte, compressType byte) ([]byte, error)

        func DecompressBlockData

        func DecompressBlockData(data []byte, compressType byte) ([]byte, error)

        func DeployContract

        func DeployContract(
        	gasLimit uint64,
        	signer *account.Account,
        	needStorage bool,
        	cdesc string) (string, error)

        func FormatAssetAmount

        func FormatAssetAmount(amount uint64, precision byte) string

          FormatAssetAmount return asset amount multiplied by math.Pow10(precision) to raw float string For example 1000000000123456789 => 1000000000.123456789

          func FormatOng

          func FormatOng(amount uint64) string

          func FormatOnt

          func FormatOnt(amount uint64) string

          func GenExportBlocksFileName

          func GenExportBlocksFileName(name string, start, end uint32) string

          func GetAccountBalance

          func GetAccountBalance(address, asset string) (uint64, error)

          func GetAllowance

          func GetAllowance(asset, from, to string) (string, error)

          func GetBalance

          func GetBalance(address string) (*httpcom.BalanceOfRsp, error)

            Return balance of address in base58 code

            func GetBlock

            func GetBlock(hashOrHeight interface{}) ([]byte, error)

            func GetBlockCount

            func GetBlockCount() (uint32, error)

            func GetBlockData

            func GetBlockData(hashOrHeight interface{}) ([]byte, error)

            func GetFlagName

            func GetFlagName(flag cli.Flag) string

              GetFlagName deal with short flag, and return the flag name whether flag name have short name

              func GetJsonObjectFromFile

              func GetJsonObjectFromFile(filePath string, jsonObject interface{}) error

              func GetNetworkId

              func GetNetworkId() (uint32, error)

              func GetRawTransaction

              func GetRawTransaction(txHash string) ([]byte, error)

              func GetSmartContractEvent

              func GetSmartContractEvent(txHash string) (*rpccommon.ExecuteNotify, error)

                GetSmartContractEvent return smart contract event execute by invoke transaction by hex string code

                func GetSmartContractEventInfo

                func GetSmartContractEventInfo(txHash string) ([]byte, error)

                func GetStoreDirPath

                func GetStoreDirPath(dataDir, networkName string) string

                func GetTxHeight

                func GetTxHeight(txHash string) (uint32, error)

                func InvokeNativeContract

                func InvokeNativeContract(
                	gasLimit uint64,
                	signer *account.Account,
                	contractAddress common.Address,
                	version byte,
                	method string,
                	params []interface{},
                ) (string, error)

                func InvokeNeoVMContract

                func InvokeNeoVMContract(
                	gasLimit uint64,
                	signer *account.Account,
                	smartcodeAddress common.Address,
                	params []interface{}) (string, error)

                  Invoke neo vm smart contract. if isPreExec is true, the invoke will not really execute

                  func InvokeSmartContract

                  func InvokeSmartContract(signer *account.Account, tx *types.MutableTransaction) (string, error)

                    InvokeSmartContract is low level method to invoke contact.

                    func InvokeWasmVMContract

                    func InvokeWasmVMContract(
                    	gasLimit uint64,
                    	siger *account.Account,
                    	cversion byte,
                    	contractAddress common.Address,
                    	method string,
                    	paramType wasmvm.ParamType,
                    	params []interface{}) (string, error)

                      Invoke wasm smart contract methodName is wasm contract action name paramType is Json or Raw format version should be greater than 0 (0 is reserved for test)

                      func MultiSigTransaction

                      func MultiSigTransaction(mutTx *types.MutableTransaction, m uint16, pubKeys []keypair.PublicKey, signer *account.Account) error

                      func NewDeployCodeTransaction

                      func NewDeployCodeTransaction(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, code []byte, needStorage bool,
                      	cname, cversion, cauthor, cemail, cdesc string) *types.MutableTransaction

                        NewDeployCodeTransaction return a smart contract deploy transaction instance

                        func NewInvokeTransaction

                        func NewInvokeTransaction(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, invokeCode []byte) *types.MutableTransaction

                          NewInvokeTransaction return smart contract invoke transaction

                          func NewNativeInvokeTransaction

                          func NewNativeInvokeTransaction(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, contractAddr common.Address, version byte,
                          	params []interface{}, funcAbi *abi.NativeContractFunctionAbi) (*types.MutableTransaction, error)

                          func NewNeovmContractAbi

                          func NewNeovmContractAbi(abiData []byte) (*abi.NeovmContractAbi, error)

                          func ParseAssetAmount

                          func ParseAssetAmount(rawAmount string, precision byte) uint64

                            ParseAssetAmount return raw float string to uint64 multiplied by math.Pow10(precision) For example 1000000000.123456789 => 1000000000123456789

                            func ParseNativeFuncParam

                            func ParseNativeFuncParam(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, funName string, params []interface{}, paramsAbi []*abi.NativeContractParamAbi) error

                            func ParseNativeParamAddress

                            func ParseNativeParamAddress(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamArray

                            func ParseNativeParamArray(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param interface{}, arrayAbi *abi.NativeContractParamAbi) error

                            func ParseNativeParamBool

                            func ParseNativeParamBool(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamByte

                            func ParseNativeParamByte(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamByteArray

                            func ParseNativeParamByteArray(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamInteger

                            func ParseNativeParamInteger(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamString

                            func ParseNativeParamString(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParamStruct

                            func ParseNativeParamStruct(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param interface{}, structAbi *abi.NativeContractParamAbi) error

                            func ParseNativeParamUint256

                            func ParseNativeParamUint256(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, param string) error

                            func ParseNativeParams

                            func ParseNativeParams(builder *neovm.ParamsBuilder, params []interface{}, paramsAbi []*abi.NativeContractParamAbi) error

                            func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeBool

                            func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeBool(hexStr string) (bool, error)

                              ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeBool return bool value of smart contract execute code.

                              func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeByteArray

                              func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeByteArray(hexStr string) (string, error)

                                ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeByteArray return []byte value of smart contract execute code.

                                func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeInteger

                                func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeInteger(hexStr string) (int64, error)

                                  ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeInteger return integer value of smart contract execute code.

                                  func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeString

                                  func ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeString(hexStr string) (string, error)

                                    ParseNeoVMContractReturnTypeString return string value of smart contract execute code.

                                    func ParseNeoVMInvokeParams

                                    func ParseNeoVMInvokeParams(rawParams []interface{}) ([]interface{}, error)

                                      ParseNeoVMInvokeParams parse params to []interface, rawParams is array of NeoVMInvokeParam

                                      func ParseNeovmFunc

                                      func ParseNeovmFunc(rawParams []string, funcAbi *abi.NeovmContractFunctionAbi) ([]interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseNeovmParam

                                      func ParseNeovmParam(params []string, paramsAbi []*abi.NeovmContractParamsAbi) ([]interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseNeovmParamBoolean

                                      func ParseNeovmParamBoolean(param string) (interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseNeovmParamByteArray

                                      func ParseNeovmParamByteArray(param string) (interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseNeovmParamInteger

                                      func ParseNeovmParamInteger(param string) (interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseNeovmParamString

                                      func ParseNeovmParamString(param string) (interface{}, error)

                                      func ParseOng

                                      func ParseOng(rawAmount string) uint64

                                      func ParseOnt

                                      func ParseOnt(rawAmount string) uint64

                                      func ParseParams

                                      func ParseParams(rawParamStr string) ([]interface{}, error)

                                        ParseParams return interface{} array of encode params item. A param item compose of type and value, type can be: bytearray, string, int, bool Param type and param value split with ":", such as int:10 Param array can be express with "[]", such [int:10,string:foo], param array can be nested, such as [int:10,[int:12,bool:true]] A raw params example: string:foo,[int:0,[bool:true,string:bar],bool:false] Note that if string contain some special char like :,[,] and so one, please '/' char to escape. For example: string:did/:ed1e25c9dccae0c694ee892231407afa20b76008

                                        func ParseReturnValue

                                        func ParseReturnValue(rawValue interface{}, rawReturnTypeStr string) ([]interface{}, error)

                                          ParseReturnValue return the value of rawReturnTypeStr type. Return type can be: bytearray, string, int, bool. Types can be split with "," each other, such as int,string,bool Type array can be express with "[]", such [int,string], param array can be nested, such as [int,[int,bool]]

                                          func PrepareDeployContract

                                          func PrepareDeployContract(
                                          	needStorage bool,
                                          	cdesc string) (*cstates.PreExecResult, error)

                                          func PrepareInvokeCodeNeoVMContract

                                          func PrepareInvokeCodeNeoVMContract(code []byte) (*cstates.PreExecResult, error)

                                          func PrepareInvokeNativeContract

                                          func PrepareInvokeNativeContract(
                                          	contractAddress common.Address,
                                          	version byte,
                                          	method string,
                                          	params []interface{}) (*cstates.PreExecResult, error)

                                          func PrepareInvokeNeoVMContract

                                          func PrepareInvokeNeoVMContract(
                                          	contractAddress common.Address,
                                          	params []interface{},
                                          ) (*cstates.PreExecResult, error)

                                          func PrepareSendRawTransaction

                                          func PrepareSendRawTransaction(txData string) (*cstates.PreExecResult, error)

                                          func SendRawTransaction

                                          func SendRawTransaction(tx *types.Transaction) (string, error)

                                            SendRawTransaction send a transaction to DNA network, and return hash of the transaction

                                            func SendRawTransactionData

                                            func SendRawTransactionData(txData string) (string, error)

                                            func Sign

                                            func Sign(data []byte, signer *account.Account) ([]byte, error)

                                              Sign sign return the signature to the data of private key

                                              func SignTransaction

                                              func SignTransaction(signer *account.Account, tx *types.MutableTransaction) error

                                              func Transfer

                                              func Transfer(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, signer *account.Account, asset, from, to string, amount uint64) (string, error)

                                                Transfer ont|ong from account to another account

                                                func TransferFrom

                                                func TransferFrom(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, signer *account.Account, asset, sender, from, to string, amount uint64) (string, error)

                                                func TransferFromTx

                                                func TransferFromTx(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, asset, sender, from, to string, amount uint64) (*types.MutableTransaction, error)

                                                func TransferTx

                                                func TransferTx(gasPrice, gasLimit uint64, asset, from, to string, amount uint64) (*types.MutableTransaction, error)

                                                func ZLibCompress

                                                func ZLibCompress(data []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                                func ZLibDecompress

                                                func ZLibDecompress(data []byte) ([]byte, error)


                                                type DNAError

                                                type DNAError struct {
                                                	ErrorCode int64
                                                	Error     error

                                                func NewDNAError

                                                func NewDNAError(err error, errCode ...int64) *DNAError

                                                type ExportBlockMetadata

                                                type ExportBlockMetadata struct {
                                                	Version          byte
                                                	CompressType     byte
                                                	StartBlockHeight uint32
                                                	EndBlockHeight   uint32

                                                func NewExportBlockMetadata

                                                func NewExportBlockMetadata() *ExportBlockMetadata

                                                func (*ExportBlockMetadata) Deserialize

                                                func (this *ExportBlockMetadata) Deserialize(r io.Reader) error

                                                func (*ExportBlockMetadata) Serialize

                                                func (this *ExportBlockMetadata) Serialize(w io.Writer) error

                                                type JsonRpcRequest

                                                type JsonRpcRequest struct {
                                                	Version string        `json:"jsonrpc"`
                                                	Id      string        `json:"id"`
                                                	Method  string        `json:"method"`
                                                	Params  []interface{} `json:"params"`

                                                  JsonRpcRequest object in rpc

                                                  type JsonRpcResponse

                                                  type JsonRpcResponse struct {
                                                  	Error  int64           `json:"error"`
                                                  	Desc   string          `json:"desc"`
                                                  	Result json.RawMessage `json:"result"`

                                                    JsonRpcResponse object response for JsonRpcRequest

                                                    type NeoVMInvokeParam

                                                    type NeoVMInvokeParam struct {
                                                    	Type  string
                                                    	Value interface{} //string or []*NeoVMInvokeParam

                                                      NeoVMInvokeParam use to express the param to invoke neovm contract. Type can be of array, bytearray, string, int and bool If type is one of bytearray, string, int and bool, value must be a string If Type is array, value must be []*NeoVMInvokeParam Example: []interface{}{

                                                      	Type:  "string",
                                                      	Value: "foo",
                                                      	Type: "array",
                                                      	Value: []interface{}{
                                                      			Type:  "int",
                                                      			Value: "0",
                                                      			Type:  "bool",
                                                      			Value: "true",