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type Basic

type Basic struct {
	HTTPBasicAuthUser string `description:"Basic authentication User"`
	HTTPBasicPassword string `description:"Basic authentication Password"`

    Basic holds basic authentication specific configurations

    type Provider

    type Provider struct {
    	Endpoint                  string           `description:"Marathon server endpoint. You can also specify multiple endpoint for Marathon" export:"true"`
    	Domain                    string           `description:"Default domain used" export:"true"`
    	ExposedByDefault          bool             `description:"Expose Marathon apps by default" export:"true"`
    	GroupsAsSubDomains        bool             `description:"Convert Marathon groups to subdomains" export:"true"`
    	DCOSToken                 string           `description:"DCOSToken for DCOS environment, This will override the Authorization header" export:"true"`
    	MarathonLBCompatibility   bool             `description:"Add compatibility with marathon-lb labels" export:"true"`
    	FilterMarathonConstraints bool             `description:"Enable use of Marathon constraints in constraint filtering" export:"true"`
    	TLS                       *types.ClientTLS `description:"Enable TLS support" export:"true"`
    	DialerTimeout             flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a dialer timeout for Marathon" export:"true"`
    	ResponseHeaderTimeout     flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a response header timeout for Marathon" export:"true"`
    	TLSHandshakeTimeout       flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a TLS handhsake timeout for Marathon" export:"true"`
    	KeepAlive                 flaeg.Duration   `description:"Set a TCP Keep Alive time in seconds" export:"true"`
    	ForceTaskHostname         bool             `description:"Force to use the task's hostname." export:"true"`
    	Basic                     *Basic           `description:"Enable basic authentication" export:"true"`
    	RespectReadinessChecks    bool             `description:"Filter out tasks with non-successful readiness checks during deployments" export:"true"`
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Provider holds configuration of the provider.

      func (*Provider) Init

      func (p *Provider) Init(constraints types.Constraints) error

        Init the provider

        func (*Provider) Provide

        func (p *Provider) Provide(configurationChan chan<- types.ConfigMessage, pool *safe.Pool) error

          Provide allows the marathon provider to provide configurations to traefik using the given configuration channel.

          type TaskState

          type TaskState string

            TaskState denotes the Mesos state a task can have.


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