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Published: Jan 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type Info

type Info struct {

	Subscribe     int32    `json:"subscribe"`
	OpenID        string   `json:"openid"`
	Nickname      string   `json:"nickname"`
	Sex           int32    `json:"sex"`
	City          string   `json:"city"`
	Country       string   `json:"country"`
	Province      string   `json:"province"`
	Language      string   `json:"language"`
	Headimgurl    string   `json:"headimgurl"`
	SubscribeTime int32    `json:"subscribe_time"`
	UnionID       string   `json:"unionid"`
	Remark        string   `json:"remark"`
	GroupID       int32    `json:"groupid"`
	TagidList     []string `json:"tagid_list"`

Info 用户基本信息

type User

type User struct {

User 用户管理

func NewUser

func NewUser(context *context.Context) *User

NewUser 实例化

func (*User) GetUserInfo

func (user *User) GetUserInfo(openID string) (userInfo *Info, err error)

GetUserInfo 获取用户基本信息

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