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func CompareHash

func CompareHash(content []byte, checksum string) hash.Hash

check if content and checksum matches returns the hash type if success else nil

func CopyFromFs

func CopyFromFs(from billy.Filesystem, to billy.Filesystem, path string)

func IgnoredContains

func IgnoredContains(a []*IgnoredSource, b string) bool

func StrContains

func StrContains(a []string, b string) bool


type IgnoredSource

type IgnoredSource struct {
	Name         string
	HashFunction hash.Hash
	Expired      bool

type ImportMode

type ImportMode interface {
	RetrieveSource(pd *ProcessData) *ModeData
	WriteSource(pd *ProcessData, md *ModeData)
	PostProcess(md *ModeData)
	ImportName(pd *ProcessData, md *ModeData) string

type ModeData

type ModeData struct {
	Repo            *git.Repository
	Worktree        *git.Worktree
	RpmFile         *rpm.PackageFile
	FileWrites      map[string][]byte
	TagBranch       string
	PushBranch      string
	Branches        []string
	SourcesToIgnore []*IgnoredSource
	BlobCache       map[string][]byte

type ProcessData

type ProcessData struct {
	RpmLocation         string
	UpstreamPrefix      string
	SshKeyLocation      string
	SshUser             string
	Version             int
	GitCommitterName    string
	GitCommitterEmail   string
	Mode                int
	ModulePrefix        string
	ImportBranchPrefix  string
	BranchPrefix        string
	SingleTag           string
	Authenticator       *ssh.PublicKeys
	Importer            ImportMode
	BlobStorage         blob.Storage
	NoDupMode           bool
	ModuleMode          bool
	TmpFsMode           string
	NoStorageDownload   bool
	NoStorageUpload     bool
	ManualCommits       []string
	UpstreamPrefixHttps string
	FsCreator           func(branch string) billy.Filesystem