Copyright (c) Alex Ellis 2017. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.



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    const DefaultTemplateRepository = ""

      DefaultTemplateRepository contains the Git repo for the official templates

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      const (
      	// DefaultTemplatesStore is the URL where the official store can be found
      	DefaultTemplatesStore = ""
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      const (
      	// NoTLSWarn Warning thrown when no SSL/TLS is used
      	NoTLSWarn = "WARNING! Communication is not secure, please consider using HTTPS. offers free SSL/TLS certificates."


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      var (
      	//Platform platform variable set at build time
      	Platform string


      func Execute

      func Execute(customArgs []string)

        Execute TODO

        func GetDefaultCLITransport

        func GetDefaultCLITransport(tlsInsecure bool, timeout *time.Duration) *http.Transport

        func JSONFormatMessage

        func JSONFormatMessage(msg logs.Message, timeFormat string, includeName, includeInstance bool) string

          JSONFormatMessage is a JSON formatting for log messages, the options are ignored and the entire log message json serialized

          func KeyValueFormatMessage

          func KeyValueFormatMessage(msg logs.Message, timeFormat string, includeName, includeInstance bool) string

            KeyValueFormatMessage returns the message in the format "timestamp=<> name=<> instance=<> message=<>"

            func PlainFormatMessage

            func PlainFormatMessage(msg logs.Message, timeFormat string, includeName, includeInstance bool) string

              PlainFormatMessage formats a log message as "<timestamp> <name> (<instance>) <text>"

              func PullTemplates

              func PullTemplates(templateURL string) error

                PullTemplates pulls templates from specified git remote. templateURL may be a pinned repository.


                type ClientCredentialsReq

                type ClientCredentialsReq struct {
                	ClientID     string `json:"client_id"`
                	ClientSecret string `json:"client_secret"`
                	Audience     string `json:"audience"`
                	GrantType    string `json:"grant_type"`

                type ClientCredentialsToken

                type ClientCredentialsToken struct {
                	AccessToken string `json:"access_token"`
                	Scope       string `json:"scope"`
                	ExpiresIn   int    `json:"expires_in"`
                	TokenType   string `json:"token_type"`

                type DeployFlags

                type DeployFlags struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  DeployFlags holds flags that are to be added to commands.

                  type LogFormatter

                  type LogFormatter func(msg logs.Message, timeFormat string, includeName, includeInstance bool) string

                    LogFormatter is a function that converts a log message to a string based on the supplied options

                    func GetLogFormatter

                    func GetLogFormatter(name string) LogFormatter

                      GetLogFormatter maps a formatter name to a LogFormatter method

                      type TemplateInfo

                      type TemplateInfo struct {
                      	TemplateName string `json:"template"`
                      	Platform     string `json:"platform"`
                      	Language     string `json:"language"`
                      	Source       string `json:"source"`
                      	Description  string `json:"description"`
                      	Repository   string `json:"repo"`
                      	Official     string `json:"official"`

                        TemplateInfo is the definition of a template which is part of the store