A library to implement fast downloading, with concurrency.





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var (
	ErrNoData       = errors.New("nothing to download")
	ErrNoGoroutines = errors.New("MaxGoroutines should be positive")
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var DefaultOptions = &Options{
	Separator:     "/",
	MaxAttempts:   3,
	MaxGoroutines: 64,

    Default Options


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    type DL

    type DL struct {
    	Client *http.Client
    	Write  sync.Mutex

      DL is the downloader.

      func New

      func New() *DL

        New DL instance.

        func (*DL) Chan

        func (dl *DL) Chan(data Interface, ch chan FileBuffer, opt *Options) error

          Chan will download data, and send results to a channel. The channel will be closed before returning.

          func (*DL) Tar

          func (dl *DL) Tar(data Interface, file *os.File, opt *Options) error

            Tar downloads data to a tarball at file.

            type File

            type File struct {
            	Path, Name, URL string

              File to download. URL is where to get the data, path is where to store it.

              type FileBuffer

              type FileBuffer struct {
              	Buffer *bytes.Buffer

                FileBuffer is a File with its data downloaded to Buffer.

                type Interface

                type Interface interface {
                	URLs() []File

                  A type that satisfies download.Interface can be downloaded with download.Tar etc.

                  type Options

                  type Options struct {
                  	// Separator to use between files, eg you can use "_" for a flat
                  	// file structure, or leave the default "/" to have dirs.
                  	Separator string
                  	// Max attempts trying to download a file
                  	MaxAttempts int
                  	// Concurrent mode
                  	Concurrent bool
                  	// Max number of gorountines to spawn
                  	MaxGoroutines int

                    Options for the downloader.