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var ErrViewUnsupported = fmt.Errorf("cannot generate message view: unsupported part")

ErrViewUnsupported is returned by Viewer.ViewMessagePart when the message part isn't supported.


func PrepareSearch

func PrepareSearch(terms string) *imap.SearchCriteria

TODO: Document search functionality somewhere

func RegisterViewer

func RegisterViewer(viewer Viewer)

RegisterViewer registers a message part viewer.


type Attachment

type Attachment interface {
	MIMEType() string
	Filename() string
	Open() (io.ReadCloser, error)

type CategorizedMailboxes

type CategorizedMailboxes struct {
	Common struct {
		Inbox   MailboxDetails
		Drafts  MailboxDetails
		Sent    MailboxDetails
		Junk    MailboxDetails
		Trash   MailboxDetails
		Archive MailboxDetails
	Additional []MailboxDetails

Organizes mailboxes into common/uncommon categories

type ComposeRenderData

type ComposeRenderData struct {
	Message *OutgoingMessage

type IMAPBaseRenderData

type IMAPBaseRenderData struct {
	CategorizedMailboxes CategorizedMailboxes
	Mailboxes            []MailboxInfo
	Mailbox              *MailboxStatus
	Inbox                *MailboxStatus
	Subscriptions        map[string]*MailboxStatus

type IMAPMessage

type IMAPMessage struct {

	Mailbox string

func (*IMAPMessage) Attachments

func (msg *IMAPMessage) Attachments() []IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) HTMLPart

func (msg *IMAPMessage) HTMLPart() *IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) HasFlag

func (msg *IMAPMessage) HasFlag(flag string) bool

func (*IMAPMessage) PartByID

func (msg *IMAPMessage) PartByID(id string) *IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) PartByPath

func (msg *IMAPMessage) PartByPath(path []int) *IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) PartTree

func (msg *IMAPMessage) PartTree() *IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) TextPart

func (msg *IMAPMessage) TextPart() *IMAPPartNode

func (*IMAPMessage) URL

func (msg *IMAPMessage) URL() *url.URL

type IMAPPartNode

type IMAPPartNode struct {
	Path     []int
	MIMEType string
	Filename string
	Children []IMAPPartNode
	Message  *IMAPMessage
	Size     uint32

func (IMAPPartNode) IsText

func (node IMAPPartNode) IsText() bool

func (IMAPPartNode) PathString

func (node IMAPPartNode) PathString() string

func (IMAPPartNode) SizeString

func (node IMAPPartNode) SizeString() string

func (IMAPPartNode) String

func (node IMAPPartNode) String() string

func (IMAPPartNode) URL

func (node IMAPPartNode) URL(raw bool) *url.URL

type MailboxDetails

type MailboxDetails struct {
	Info   *MailboxInfo
	Status *MailboxStatus

type MailboxInfo

type MailboxInfo struct {

	Active bool
	Total  int
	Unseen int

func (*MailboxInfo) HasAttr

func (mbox *MailboxInfo) HasAttr(flag string) bool

func (*MailboxInfo) URL

func (mbox *MailboxInfo) URL() *url.URL

type MailboxRenderData

type MailboxRenderData struct {
	Messages           []IMAPMessage
	PrevPage, NextPage int
	Query              string

type MailboxStatus

type MailboxStatus struct {

func (*MailboxStatus) URL

func (mbox *MailboxStatus) URL() *url.URL

type MessageRenderData

type MessageRenderData struct {
	Message     *IMAPMessage
	Part        *IMAPPartNode
	View        interface{}
	MailboxPage int
	Flags       map[string]bool

type NewMailboxRenderData

type NewMailboxRenderData struct {
	Error string

type OutgoingMessage

type OutgoingMessage struct {
	From        string
	To          []string
	Subject     string
	MessageID   string
	InReplyTo   string
	Text        string
	Attachments []Attachment

func (*OutgoingMessage) ToString

func (msg *OutgoingMessage) ToString() string

func (*OutgoingMessage) WriteTo

func (msg *OutgoingMessage) WriteTo(w io.Writer) error

type Settings

type Settings struct {
	MessagesPerPage int
	Signature       string
	From            string
	Subscriptions   []string

type SettingsRenderData

type SettingsRenderData struct {
	Mailboxes     []MailboxInfo
	Settings      *Settings
	Subscriptions Subscriptions

type Subscriptions

type Subscriptions []string

func (Subscriptions) Has

func (s Subscriptions) Has(sub string) bool

type Viewer

type Viewer interface {
	// ViewMessagePart renders a message part. The returned value is displayed
	// in a template. ErrViewUnsupported is returned if the message part isn't
	// supported.
	ViewMessagePart(*alps.Context, *IMAPMessage, *message.Entity) (interface{}, error)

Viewer is a message part viewer.