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type FileLayoutStyle

type FileLayoutStyle struct {
	File widgetx.File

func FileLayout

func FileLayout(th *material.Theme) FileLayoutStyle

func (*FileLayoutStyle) Layout

type InputLayoutStyle

type InputLayoutStyle struct {
	Palette material.Palette
	Input   *widgetx.Input
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func InputLayout

func InputLayout(th *material.Theme, input *widgetx.Input, hint string) InputLayoutStyle

func (InputLayoutStyle) Layout

type ModalAlertStyle

type ModalAlertStyle struct {
	// Active indicates whether or not the modal is displayed.
	Active     bool
	Modal      widgetx.Modal
	Background color.NRGBA
	Border     widget.Border
	// Title is displayed at the top of the modal.
	Title material.LabelStyle
	// Message is displayed after the title.
	Message material.LabelStyle
	// Actions are displayed along their axis at the bottom of the modal.
	ActionAxis   layout.Axis
	ActionStyles []material.ButtonStyle
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func ModalConfirm

func ModalConfirm(th *material.Theme) ModalAlertStyle

ModalConfirm creates a two actions (typically OK/Cancel) alert modal.

func (*ModalAlertStyle) Clicked

func (m *ModalAlertStyle) Clicked() (pos int)

func (*ModalAlertStyle) Layout

func (m *ModalAlertStyle) Layout(gtx layout.Context, title, msg string) layout.Dimensions

type ResizableLayoutStyle

type ResizableLayoutStyle struct {
	Background color.NRGBA
	Foreground color.NRGBA
	Resizable  *widgetx.Resizable

func ResizableLayout

func ResizableLayout(th *material.Theme, rz *widgetx.Resizable) ResizableLayoutStyle

func (*ResizableLayoutStyle) Layout

type SelectLayoutStyle

type SelectLayoutStyle struct {
	Background color.NRGBA
	Hover      color.NRGBA
	Size       unit.Value
	Opened     *widget.Icon
	Closed     *widget.Icon
	Select     *widgetx.Select

func SelectLayout

func SelectLayout(th *material.Theme, s *widgetx.Select) SelectLayoutStyle

func (*SelectLayoutStyle) Layout

type TabsLayoutStyle

type TabsLayoutStyle struct {
	Divider color.NRGBA
	Active  color.NRGBA
	Tabs    *widgetx.Tabs

func TabsLayout

func TabsLayout(th *material.Theme, tabs *widgetx.Tabs) TabsLayoutStyle

func (*TabsLayoutStyle) Layout

func (t *TabsLayoutStyle) Layout(gtx layout.Context, n int, label, content layout.ListElement) layout.Dimensions

type TreeLayoutStyle

type TreeLayoutStyle struct {
	// Closed is the icon reflecting the closed state of a tree item.
	Closed *widget.Icon
	// Opened is the icon reflecting the opened state of a tree item.
	Opened *widget.Icon
	// Hover defines the color to be used when hovering over an element.
	Hover widgetx.Hover
	// Color is the icon color when not hovered.
	Color color.NRGBA
	// Size is the size used for Closed and Opened icons.
	// If the size is zero, then non leaf items item are made clickable
	// to be able to open or close the branch.
	Size unit.Value
	// Padding pads items reflecting their depth in the tree.
	Padding unit.Value

	Tree *widgetx.Tree

func TreeLayout

func TreeLayout(th *material.Theme, t *widgetx.Tree) TreeLayoutStyle

func (TreeLayoutStyle) Layout

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