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Jumper is Go Module to help Developer handling HTTP Request & Response.

go get
Usage Request Parser
func SomeHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    var req = jumper.PlugRequest(r, w) // Request Parser

    if req.HasHeader("X-Custom") {
        // Check whether 'X-Custom' header exist without check the value
    if req.HeaderFilled("X-Custom") {
        // Check whether 'X-Custom' header exist and filled
    customHeader := req.Header("X-Custom") // Get header value

    // http://localhost/service/{id:[0-9]+}/{segment...}
    id := req.GetSegment("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentUint64("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentUint32("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentUint("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentInt64("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentInt32("id") // Named segment from mux router
    id := req.GetSegmentInt("id") // Named segment from mux router

    if req.Has("name") {
        // Check whether 'name' exist without check the value
    if req.Filled("name") {
        // Check whether 'name' exist and filled

    name := req.Get("name") // Get name value as string
    id := req.GetUint64("id") // Get id value as uint64
    id := req.GetUint32("id") // Get id value as uint32
    id := req.GetUint("id") // Get id value as uint
    id := req.GetInt64("id") // Get id value as int64
    id := req.GetInt32("id") // Get id value as int32
    id := req.GetInt("id") // Get id value as int
    price := req.GetFloat64("price") // Get price value as float64
    price := req.GetFloat("price") // Get price value as float32
    status := req.GetBool("active") // Get active value as bool
    birthdate, err := req.GetTime("birthdate") // Get birthdate value as *time.Time with Error handler
    birthdate := req.GetTimeNE("birthdate") // Get birthdate value as *time.Time with No Error
    ids := req.GetArray("ids") // Get ids value as Array of interface{}
    ids := req.GetArrayUniquify("ids") // Get ids value as Array of interface{} and uniquify if possible
    obj := req.GetMap("object") // Get object value as Map of map[string]interface{}
    obj := req.GetStruct("object") // Get object value as struct of interface{}
    json := req.GetJSON("jsonstring") // Get jsonstring value as jumper.JSON
    file := req.GetFile("file") // Get file value as jumper.File
    files := req.GetFiles("files") // Get files value as Array of jumper.File
Response Writer

Response Failed sample:

  "status": 0,
  "status_number": "1000001",
  "status_code": "ABCDEF",
  "status_message": "Error occurred",
  "data": null

Response Success sample:

  "status": 1,
  "status_number": "F000002",
  "status_code": "SSSSSS",
  "status_message": "Success",
  "data": {
    "id": 1,
    "name": "json"

Plug Response Writer

package mypackage

import (

func SomeHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    var res = jumper.PlugResponse(w) // Response Writer
    var data interface{}

    res.SetHttpCode(200) // Set HTTP Response Code. HTTP/1.1 standard (RFC 7231)

    res.Reply(0, "1000001", "ABCDEF", "Error Occurred")
    res.Reply(1, "F000002", "SSSSSS", "Success", data)
    res.ReplyFailed("1000001", "ABCDEF", "Error Occurred")
    res.ReplySuccess("F000002", "SSSSSS", "Success", data)

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type File

type File struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*File) GetFile

func (f *File) GetFile() multipart.File

func (*File) GetFileHeader

func (f *File) GetFileHeader() *multipart.FileHeader

func (*File) Name

func (f *File) Name() string

func (*File) Store

func (f *File) Store(path string, pattern string, perm os.FileMode) (string, error)

func (*File) StoreAs

func (f *File) StoreAs(path string, name string, perm os.FileMode) error

type JSON

type JSON []byte

func (JSON) Equals

func (j JSON) Equals(j1 JSON) bool

func (JSON) IsNull

func (j JSON) IsNull() bool

func (JSON) MarshalJSON

func (j JSON) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*JSON) Scan

func (j *JSON) Scan(value interface{}) error

func (JSON) String

func (j JSON) String() string

func (*JSON) UnmarshalJSON

func (j *JSON) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

func (JSON) Value

func (j JSON) Value() (driver.Value, error)

type Jumper

type Jumper struct {

type Params

type Params map[string]interface{}

type Request

type Request struct {
	Method     string
	ClientIP   string
	ClientPort string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func PlugRequest

func PlugRequest(r *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter) *Request

func TouchRequest

func TouchRequest(r *http.Request, w http.ResponseWriter) *Request

func (*Request) Append

func (r *Request) Append(key string, val string)

func (*Request) Filled

func (r *Request) Filled(keys ...string) (found bool)

func (*Request) Get

func (r *Request) Get(key string) string

func (*Request) GetAll

func (r *Request) GetAll() map[string]interface{}

func (*Request) GetArray

func (r *Request) GetArray(key string) []interface{}

func (*Request) GetArrayUniquify

func (r *Request) GetArrayUniquify(key string) []interface{}

func (*Request) GetBool

func (r *Request) GetBool(key string) bool

func (*Request) GetFile

func (r *Request) GetFile(key string) (*File, error)

func (*Request) GetFiles

func (r *Request) GetFiles(key string) ([]*File, error)

func (*Request) GetFloat

func (r *Request) GetFloat(key string) float32

func (*Request) GetFloat64

func (r *Request) GetFloat64(key string) float64

func (*Request) GetFragment

func (r *Request) GetFragment() string

func (*Request) GetFullUrl

func (r *Request) GetFullUrl() string

func (*Request) GetHost

func (r *Request) GetHost() string

func (*Request) GetInt

func (r *Request) GetInt(key string) int

func (*Request) GetInt32

func (r *Request) GetInt32(key string) int32

func (*Request) GetInt64

func (r *Request) GetInt64(key string) int64

func (*Request) GetJSON

func (r *Request) GetJSON(key string) JSON

func (*Request) GetMap

func (r *Request) GetMap(key string) map[string]interface{}

func (*Request) GetOpaque

func (r *Request) GetOpaque() string

func (*Request) GetPassword

func (r *Request) GetPassword() string

func (*Request) GetPath

func (r *Request) GetPath() string

func (*Request) GetPort

func (r *Request) GetPort() string

func (*Request) GetRawPath

func (r *Request) GetRawPath() string

func (*Request) GetRawQuery

func (r *Request) GetRawQuery() string

func (*Request) GetScheme

func (r *Request) GetScheme() string

func (*Request) GetSegment

func (r *Request) GetSegment(key string) string

func (*Request) GetSegmentInt

func (r *Request) GetSegmentInt(key string) int

func (*Request) GetSegmentInt32

func (r *Request) GetSegmentInt32(key string) int32

func (*Request) GetSegmentInt64

func (r *Request) GetSegmentInt64(key string) int64

func (*Request) GetSegmentUint

func (r *Request) GetSegmentUint(key string) uint

func (*Request) GetSegmentUint32

func (r *Request) GetSegmentUint32(key string) uint32

func (*Request) GetSegmentUint64

func (r *Request) GetSegmentUint64(key string) uint64

func (*Request) GetStruct

func (r *Request) GetStruct(obj interface{}) error

func (*Request) GetTime

func (r *Request) GetTime(key string) (*time.Time, error)

func (*Request) GetTimeNE

func (r *Request) GetTimeNE(key string) *time.Time

func (*Request) GetUint

func (r *Request) GetUint(key string) uint

func (*Request) GetUint32

func (r *Request) GetUint32(key string) uint32

func (*Request) GetUint64

func (r *Request) GetUint64(key string) uint64

func (*Request) GetUrl

func (r *Request) GetUrl() string

func (*Request) GetUsername

func (r *Request) GetUsername() string

func (*Request) Has

func (r *Request) Has(keys ...string) (found bool)

func (*Request) HasFile

func (r *Request) HasFile(keys ...string) (found bool)

func (*Request) HasHeader

func (r *Request) HasHeader(keys ...string) (found bool)

func (*Request) HasUser

func (r *Request) HasUser() bool

func (*Request) Header

func (r *Request) Header(key string) string

func (*Request) HeaderFilled

func (r *Request) HeaderFilled(keys ...string) (found bool)

type Response

type Response struct {
	Status        int         `json:"status"`
	StatusNumber  string      `json:"status_number"`
	StatusCode    string      `json:"status_code"`
	StatusMessage string      `json:"status_message"`
	Data          interface{} `json:"data"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func PlugResponse

func PlugResponse(w http.ResponseWriter) *Response

func (*Response) Reply

func (r *Response) Reply(status int, number string, code string, message string, data ...interface{}) error

    'data' arguments only used on index 0

    func (*Response) ReplyFailed

    func (r *Response) ReplyFailed(number string, code string, message string, data ...interface{}) error

    func (*Response) ReplySuccess

    func (r *Response) ReplySuccess(number string, code string, message string, data ...interface{}) error

    func (*Response) SetHttpCode

    func (r *Response) SetHttpCode(code int) *Response


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