Package common contains utils used by the clients



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    const GitUploadPackServiceName = "git-upload-pack"


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    var (
    	NotFoundErr           = errors.New("repository not found")
    	EmptyGitUploadPackErr = errors.New("empty git-upload-pack given")


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    type AuthMethod

    type AuthMethod interface {
    	Name() string
    	String() string

    type Capabilities

    type Capabilities struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Capabilities contains all the server capabilities

      func NewCapabilities

      func NewCapabilities() *Capabilities

        NewCapabilities returns a new Capabilities struct

        func (*Capabilities) Add

        func (c *Capabilities) Add(capability string, values ...string)

          Add adds a capability, values are optional

          func (*Capabilities) Decode

          func (c *Capabilities) Decode(raw string)

            Decode decodes a string

            func (*Capabilities) Get

            func (c *Capabilities) Get(capability string) *Capability

              Get returns the values for a capability

              func (*Capabilities) Set

              func (c *Capabilities) Set(capability string, values ...string)

                Set sets a capability removing the values

                func (*Capabilities) String

                func (c *Capabilities) String() string

                func (*Capabilities) Supports

                func (c *Capabilities) Supports(capability string) bool

                  Supports returns true if capability is present

                  func (*Capabilities) SymbolicReference

                  func (c *Capabilities) SymbolicReference(sym string) string

                    SymbolicReference returns the reference for a given symbolic reference

                    type Capability

                    type Capability struct {
                    	Name   string
                    	Values []string

                      Capability represents a server capability

                      type Endpoint

                      type Endpoint string

                      func NewEndpoint

                      func NewEndpoint(url string) (Endpoint, error)

                      func (Endpoint) Service

                      func (e Endpoint) Service(name string) string

                      type GitUploadPackInfo

                      type GitUploadPackInfo struct {
                      	Capabilities *Capabilities
                      	Head         core.Hash
                      	Refs         map[string]core.Hash

                      func NewGitUploadPackInfo

                      func NewGitUploadPackInfo() *GitUploadPackInfo

                      func (*GitUploadPackInfo) Bytes

                      func (r *GitUploadPackInfo) Bytes() []byte

                      func (*GitUploadPackInfo) Decode

                      func (r *GitUploadPackInfo) Decode(d *pktline.Decoder) error

                      func (*GitUploadPackInfo) String

                      func (r *GitUploadPackInfo) String() string

                      type GitUploadPackRequest

                      type GitUploadPackRequest struct {
                      	Wants []core.Hash
                      	Haves []core.Hash

                      func (*GitUploadPackRequest) Have

                      func (r *GitUploadPackRequest) Have(h ...core.Hash)

                      func (*GitUploadPackRequest) Reader

                      func (r *GitUploadPackRequest) Reader() *strings.Reader

                      func (*GitUploadPackRequest) String

                      func (r *GitUploadPackRequest) String() string

                      func (*GitUploadPackRequest) Want

                      func (r *GitUploadPackRequest) Want(h ...core.Hash)

                      type GitUploadPackService

                      type GitUploadPackService interface {
                      	Connect(url Endpoint) error
                      	ConnectWithAuth(url Endpoint, auth AuthMethod) error
                      	Info() (*GitUploadPackInfo, error)
                      	Fetch(r *GitUploadPackRequest) (io.ReadCloser, error)

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