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func CreateIssue

func CreateIssue(login *config.Login, owner, repo string) error

CreateIssue interactively creates an issue

func CreateLogin

func CreateLogin() error

CreateLogin create an login interactive

func CreateMilestone

func CreateMilestone(login *config.Login, owner, repo string) error

CreateMilestone interactively creates a milestone

func CreatePull

func CreatePull(login *config.Login, owner, repo string) error

CreatePull interactively creates a PR

func DoDiffReview

func DoDiffReview(ctx *context.TeaContext, idx int64) ([]gitea.CreatePullReviewComment, error)

DoDiffReview (1) fetches & saves diff in tempfile, (2) starts $EDITOR to comment on diff, (3) parses resulting file into code comments.

func IsInteractive

func IsInteractive() bool

IsInteractive checks if the output is piped, but NOT if the session is run interactively..

func IsStdinPiped

func IsStdinPiped() bool

IsStdinPiped checks if stdin is piped

func PromptMultiline

func PromptMultiline(message string) (content string, err error)

PromptMultiline runs a textfield-style prompt and blocks until input was made.

func PromptPassword

func PromptPassword(name string) (pass string, err error)

PromptPassword asks for a password and blocks until input was made.

func ReviewPull

func ReviewPull(ctx *context.TeaContext, idx int64) error

ReviewPull interactively reviews a PR

func ShowCommentsMaybeInteractive

func ShowCommentsMaybeInteractive(ctx *context.TeaContext, idx int64, totalComments int) error

ShowCommentsMaybeInteractive fetches & prints comments, depending on the --comments flag. If that flag is unset, and output is not piped, prompts the user first.

func ShowCommentsPaginated

func ShowCommentsPaginated(ctx *context.TeaContext, idx int64, totalComments int) error

ShowCommentsPaginated prompts if issue/pr comments should be shown and continues to do so.


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