Package resources provides methods to convert a Build CRD to a k8s Pod resource.



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const (
	ManagedByLabelKey   = ""
	ManagedByLabelValue = "tekton-pipelines"
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const (
	ReadyAnnotation = ""


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func AddInputResource

func AddInputResource(
	kubeclient kubernetes.Interface,
	images pipeline.Images,
	taskName string,
	taskSpec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec,
	taskRun *v1alpha1.TaskRun,
	inputResources map[string]v1alpha1.PipelineResourceInterface,
	logger *zap.SugaredLogger,
) (*v1alpha1.TaskSpec, error)

AddInputResource reads the inputs resources and adds the corresponding container steps This function reads the `paths` to check if resource copies needs to be fetched from previous tasks output(from PVC) 1. If resource has paths declared then serially copies the resource from previous task output paths into current resource destination. 2. If resource has custom destination directory using targetPath then that directory is created and resource is fetched / copied from previous task 3. If resource has paths declared then fresh copy of resource is not fetched

func AddOutputImageDigestExporter

func AddOutputImageDigestExporter(
	imageDigestExporterImage string,
	tr *v1alpha1.TaskRun,
	taskSpec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec,
	gr GetResource,
) error

AddOutputImageDigestExporter add a step to check the index.json for all output images

func AddOutputResources

func AddOutputResources(
	kubeclient kubernetes.Interface,
	images pipeline.Images,
	taskName string,
	taskSpec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec,
	taskRun *v1alpha1.TaskRun,
	outputResources map[string]v1alpha1.PipelineResourceInterface,
	logger *zap.SugaredLogger,
) (*v1alpha1.TaskSpec, error)

AddOutputResources reads the output resources and adds the corresponding container steps This function also reads the inputs to check if resources are redeclared in inputs and has any custom target directory. Steps executed:

1. If taskrun has owner reference as pipelinerun then all outputs are copied to parents PVC

and also runs any custom upload steps (upload to blob store)

2.  If taskrun does not have pipelinerun as owner reference then all outputs resources execute their custom

upload steps (like upload to blob store )

Resource source path determined 1. If resource has a targetpath that is used. Otherwise: 2. If resource is declared in outputs only then the default is /output/resource_name

func AddReadyAnnotation

func AddReadyAnnotation(p *corev1.Pod, update UpdatePod) error

AddReadyAnnotation adds the ready annotation if it is not present. Returns any error that comes back from the passed-in update func.

func ApplyParameters

func ApplyParameters(spec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec, tr *v1alpha1.TaskRun, defaults ...v1alpha1.ParamSpec) *v1alpha1.TaskSpec

ApplyParameters applies the params from a TaskRun.Input.Parameters to a TaskSpec

func ApplyReplacements

func ApplyReplacements(spec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec, stringReplacements map[string]string, arrayReplacements map[string][]string) *v1alpha1.TaskSpec

ApplyReplacements replaces placeholders for declared parameters with the specified replacements.

func ApplyResources

func ApplyResources(spec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec, resolvedResources map[string]v1alpha1.PipelineResourceInterface, replacementStr string) *v1alpha1.TaskSpec

ApplyResources applies the substitution from values in resources which are referenced in spec as subitems of the replacementStr.

func GetPVCVolume

func GetPVCVolume(name string) corev1.Volume

GetPVCVolume gets pipelinerun pvc volume

func GetResourceFromBinding

func GetResourceFromBinding(r *v1alpha1.PipelineResourceBinding, getter GetResource) (*v1alpha1.PipelineResource, error)

GetResourceFromBinding will return an instance of a PipelineResource to use for r, either by getting it with getter or by instantiating it from the embedded spec.

func GetTaskData

func GetTaskData(taskRun *v1alpha1.TaskRun, getTask GetTask) (*metav1.ObjectMeta, *v1alpha1.TaskSpec, error)

GetTaskData will retrieve the Task metadata and Spec associated with the provided TaskRun. This can come from a reference Task or from the TaskRun's metadata and embedded TaskSpec.

func IsContainerStep

func IsContainerStep(name string) bool

func MakePod

func MakePod(images pipeline.Images, taskRun *v1alpha1.TaskRun, taskSpec v1alpha1.TaskSpec, kubeclient kubernetes.Interface) (*corev1.Pod, error)

MakePod converts TaskRun and TaskSpec objects to a Pod which implements the taskrun specified by the supplied CRD.

func TrimContainerNamePrefix

func TrimContainerNamePrefix(containerName string) string

TrimContainerNamePrefix trim the container name prefix to get the corresponding step name

func TryGetPod

func TryGetPod(taskRunStatus v1alpha1.TaskRunStatus, gp GetPod) (*corev1.Pod, error)

TryGetPod fetches the TaskRun's pod, returning nil if it has not been created or it does not exist.


type GetClusterTask

type GetClusterTask func(name string) (v1alpha1.TaskInterface, error)

GetClusterTask is a function that will retrieve the Task from name and namespace.

type GetPod

type GetPod func(string, metav1.GetOptions) (*corev1.Pod, error)

GetPod returns the Pod for the given pod name

type GetResource

type GetResource func(string) (*v1alpha1.PipelineResource, error)

GetResource is a function used to retrieve PipelineResources.

type GetTask

type GetTask func(string) (v1alpha1.TaskInterface, error)

GetTask is a function used to retrieve Tasks.

type GetTaskRun

type GetTaskRun func(string) (*v1alpha1.TaskRun, error)

type ResolvedTaskResources

type ResolvedTaskResources struct {
	TaskName string
	Kind     v1alpha1.TaskKind
	TaskSpec *v1alpha1.TaskSpec
	// Inputs is a map from the name of the input required by the Task
	// to the actual Resource to use for it
	Inputs map[string]*v1alpha1.PipelineResource
	// Outputs is a map from the name of the output required by the Task
	// to the actual Resource to use for it
	Outputs map[string]*v1alpha1.PipelineResource

ResolvedTaskResources contains all the data that is needed to execute the TaskRun: the TaskRun, it's Task and the PipelineResources it needs.

func ResolveTaskResources

func ResolveTaskResources(ts *v1alpha1.TaskSpec, taskName string, kind v1alpha1.TaskKind, inputs []v1alpha1.TaskResourceBinding, outputs []v1alpha1.TaskResourceBinding, gr GetResource) (*ResolvedTaskResources, error)

ResolveTaskResources looks up PipelineResources referenced by inputs and outputs and returns a structure that unites the resolved references and the Task Spec. If referenced PipelineResources can't be found, an error is returned.

type UpdatePod

type UpdatePod func(*corev1.Pod) (*corev1.Pod, error)


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