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Package googlepubsub provides a Google cloud pubsub broker



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func ClientOption

func ClientOption(c ...option.ClientOption) broker.Option

ClientOption is a broker Option which allows google pubsub client options to be set for the client

func CreateSubscription

func CreateSubscription(b bool) broker.Option

CreateSubscription prevents the creation of the subscription if it not exists

func DeleteSubscription

func DeleteSubscription(b bool) broker.Option

DeleteSubscription prevents the deletion of the subscription if it not exists

func MaxExtension

func MaxExtension(d time.Duration) broker.SubscribeOption

MaxExtension is the maximum period for which the Subscription should automatically extend the ack deadline for each message.

func MaxOutstandingMessages

func MaxOutstandingMessages(max int) broker.SubscribeOption

MaxOutstandingMessages sets the maximum number of unprocessed messages (unacknowledged but not yet expired) to receive.

func NewBroker

func NewBroker(opts broker.Broker

NewBroker creates a new google pubsub broker

func ProjectID

func ProjectID(id string) broker.Option

ProjectID provides an option which sets the google project id


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