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func FindJSONFilesInDir

func FindJSONFilesInDir(t *testing.T, dir string) []string

    FindJSONFilesInDir finds the JSON files in a directory.

    func GetIntFromInterface

    func GetIntFromInterface(i interface{}) *int64

      GetIntFromInterface attempts to convert an empty interface value to an integer.

      Returns nil if it is not possible.

      func IsNil

      func IsNil(object interface{}) bool

        IsNil returns true if the object is nil

        func RequireNil

        func RequireNil(t *testing.T, variable interface{}, msgFormat string, msgVars ...interface{})

          RequireNil throws an error if var is not nil

          func RequireNoErrorOnClose

          func RequireNoErrorOnClose(t *testing.T, c io.Closer)

            RequireNoErrorOnClose ensures there is not an error when calling Close.

            func RequireNotNil

            func RequireNotNil(t *testing.T, variable interface{}, msgFormat string, msgVars ...interface{})

              RequireNotNil throws an error if var is nil

              func VerifyConnStringOptions

              func VerifyConnStringOptions(t *testing.T, cs connstring.ConnString, options map[string]interface{})

                VerifyConnStringOptions verifies the options on the connection string.


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