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Published: Jun 6, 2020 | License: GPL2 | Module:



const (
	Version    = "1.0.0"
	AppTypeWeb = 1


var AccessLogger log.LoggerContextIface
var AliRocketMQSetting *setting.AliRocketMQSettingS
var BusinessLogger log.LoggerContextIface
var DBEngine *gorm.DB
var ErrorLogger log.LoggerContextIface
var EventProducer event.ProducerIface
var LoggerSetting *setting.LoggerSettingS
var MysqlSetting *setting.MysqlSettingS
var OssAliSetting *setting.OSSAliSettingS
var QueueAliAMQPSetting *setting.QueueAliAMQPSettingS
var QueueRedisSetting *setting.QueueRedisSettingS
var QueueServer *queue.MachineryQueue
var QueueServerSetting *setting.QueueServerSettingS
var RedisConn *redis.Pool


var RedisSetting *setting.RedisSettingS
var ServerSetting *setting.ServerSettingS

type Application

type Application struct {
	Name           string
	Type           int32
	EndPort        int
	LoggerRootPath string
	LoadConfig     func() error
	SetupVars      func() error

Application ...

type RedisStoreSettingS

type RedisStoreSettingS struct {
	Host         string
	Password     string
	PoolNum      int
	KeyNamespace string


var RedisStoreSetting *RedisStoreSettingS

type WEBApplication

type WEBApplication struct {
	TrackLogger          *log.LoggerContext
	SysErrLogger         *log.LoggerContext
	RegisterHttpRoute    func() *gin.Engine
	RegisterEventHandler func(event.EventServerIface) error

web application

var App *WEBApplication

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