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type CertificateRequest

type CertificateRequest interface {
	GetID() string
	GetSerial() string
	GetAKI() string
	GetNotRevoked() bool
	GetNotExpired() bool
	GetRevokedTimeStart() *time.Time
	GetRevokedTimeEnd() *time.Time
	GetExpiredTimeStart() *time.Time
	GetExpiredTimeEnd() *time.Time

CertificateRequest defines the properties of a certificate request

type Impl

type Impl struct {
	ID               string
	SerialNumber     string
	Aki              string
	Notexpired       bool
	Notrevoked       bool
	ExpiredTimeStart *time.Time
	ExpiredTimeEnd   *time.Time
	RevokedTimeStart *time.Time
	RevokedTimeEnd   *time.Time

Impl defines the properties of a certificate request

func NewCertificateRequest

func NewCertificateRequest(ctx RequestContext) (*Impl, error)

NewCertificateRequest returns a certificate request object

func (*Impl) GetAKI

func (c *Impl) GetAKI() string

GetAKI returns the AKI filter value

func (*Impl) GetExpiredTimeEnd

func (c *Impl) GetExpiredTimeEnd() *time.Time

GetExpiredTimeEnd returns the ending expiration time filter value

func (*Impl) GetExpiredTimeStart

func (c *Impl) GetExpiredTimeStart() *time.Time

GetExpiredTimeStart returns the starting expiration time filter value

func (*Impl) GetID

func (c *Impl) GetID() string

GetID returns the enrollment id filter value

func (*Impl) GetNotExpired

func (c *Impl) GetNotExpired() bool

GetNotExpired returns the notexpired bool value

func (*Impl) GetNotRevoked

func (c *Impl) GetNotRevoked() bool

GetNotRevoked returns the notrevoked bool value

func (*Impl) GetRevokedTimeEnd

func (c *Impl) GetRevokedTimeEnd() *time.Time

GetRevokedTimeEnd returns the ending revoked time filter value

func (*Impl) GetRevokedTimeStart

func (c *Impl) GetRevokedTimeStart() *time.Time

GetRevokedTimeStart returns the starting revoked time filter value

func (*Impl) GetSerial

func (c *Impl) GetSerial() string

GetSerial returns the serial number filter value

type RequestContext

type RequestContext interface {
	GetQueryParm(string) string
	GetBoolQueryParm(string) (bool, error)

RequestContext describes the request

type TimeFilters

type TimeFilters struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TimeFilters defines the various times that can be used as filters


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