Package providers Deprecated



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    const (
    	EnvVarAccessKeyID           = "ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY"
    	EnvVarAccessKeySecret       = "ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY"
    	EnvVarAccessKeyStsToken     = "ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY_STS_TOKEN"
    	EnvVarRoleArn               = "ALICLOUD_ROLE_ARN"
    	EnvVarRoleSessionName       = "ALICLOUD_ROLE_SESSION_NAME"
    	EnvVarRoleSessionExpiration = "ALICLOUD_ROLE_SESSION_EXPIRATION"
    	EnvVarPrivateKey            = "ALICLOUD_PRIVATE_KEY"
    	EnvVarPublicKeyID           = "ALICLOUD_PUBLIC_KEY_ID"
    	EnvVarSessionExpiration     = "ALICLOUD_SESSION_EXPIRATION"
    	EnvVarRoleName              = "ALICLOUD_ROLE_NAME"


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    var (
    	ErrNoValidCredentialsFound = errors.New("no valid credentials were found")


    This section is empty.


    type ChainProvider

    type ChainProvider struct {
    	Providers []Provider

    func (*ChainProvider) Retrieve

    func (p *ChainProvider) Retrieve() (auth.Credential, error)

    type Configuration

    type Configuration struct {
    	AccessKeyID           string
    	AccessKeySecret       string
    	AccessKeyStsToken     string
    	RoleArn               string
    	RoleSessionName       string
    	RoleSessionExpiration *int
    	PrivateKey            string
    	PublicKeyID           string
    	SessionExpiration     *int
    	RoleName              string

    type ConfigurationProvider

    type ConfigurationProvider struct {
    	Configuration *Configuration

    func (*ConfigurationProvider) Retrieve

    func (p *ConfigurationProvider) Retrieve() (auth.Credential, error)

      Retrieve walks through all currently supported credential types and attempts to build them using the given configuration.

      type EnvProvider

      type EnvProvider struct{}

      func (*EnvProvider) Retrieve

      func (p *EnvProvider) Retrieve() (auth.Credential, error)

      type InstanceMetadataProvider

      type InstanceMetadataProvider struct {
      	RoleName string

      func (*InstanceMetadataProvider) GetRoleName

      func (p *InstanceMetadataProvider) GetRoleName() (roleName string, err error)

      func (*InstanceMetadataProvider) Retrieve

      func (p *InstanceMetadataProvider) Retrieve() (auth.Credential, error)

      type Provider

      type Provider interface {
      	Retrieve() (auth.Credential, error)

      func NewChainProvider

      func NewChainProvider(providers []Provider) Provider

        NewChainProvider will attempt to use its given providers in the order in which they're provided. It will return credentials for the first provider that doesn't return an error.

        func NewConfigurationCredentialProvider

        func NewConfigurationCredentialProvider(configuration *Configuration) Provider

        func NewEnvCredentialProvider

        func NewEnvCredentialProvider() Provider

        func NewInstanceMetadataProvider

        func NewInstanceMetadataProvider() Provider