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func NewCommandStartAggregator

func NewCommandStartAggregator(defaults *AggregatorOptions, stopCh <-chan struct{}) *cobra.Command

    NewCommandStartAggregator provides a CLI handler for 'start master' command with a default AggregatorOptions.


    type AggregatorOptions

    type AggregatorOptions struct {
    	RecommendedOptions *genericoptions.RecommendedOptions
    	APIEnablement      *genericoptions.APIEnablementOptions
    	// ProxyClientCert/Key are the client cert used to identify this proxy. Backing APIServices use
    	// this to confirm the proxy's identity
    	ProxyClientCertFile string
    	ProxyClientKeyFile  string
    	StdOut io.Writer
    	StdErr io.Writer

      AggregatorOptions contains everything necessary to create and run an API Aggregator.

      func NewDefaultOptions

      func NewDefaultOptions(out, err io.Writer) *AggregatorOptions

        NewDefaultOptions builds a "normal" set of options. You wouldn't normally expose this, but hyperkube isn't cobra compatible

        func (*AggregatorOptions) AddFlags

        func (o *AggregatorOptions) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

          AddFlags is necessary because hyperkube doesn't work using cobra, so we have to have different registration and execution paths

          func (*AggregatorOptions) Complete

          func (o *AggregatorOptions) Complete() error

            Complete fills in missing Options.

            func (AggregatorOptions) RunAggregator

            func (o AggregatorOptions) RunAggregator(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

              RunAggregator runs the API Aggregator.

              func (AggregatorOptions) Validate

              func (o AggregatorOptions) Validate(args []string) error

                Validate validates all the required options.

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