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const (
	// CloudControllerManagerUserAgent is the userAgent name when starting cloud-controller managers.
	CloudControllerManagerUserAgent = "cloud-controller-manager"
	// DefaultInsecureCloudControllerManagerPort is the default insecure cloud-controller manager port.
	DefaultInsecureCloudControllerManagerPort = 0


This section is empty.


func NewDefaultComponentConfig added in v1.11.0

func NewDefaultComponentConfig(insecurePort int32) (*ccmconfig.CloudControllerManagerConfiguration, error)

NewDefaultComponentConfig returns cloud-controller manager configuration object.


type CloudControllerManagerOptions added in v1.10.0

type CloudControllerManagerOptions struct {
	Generic           *cmoptions.GenericControllerManagerConfigurationOptions
	KubeCloudShared   *cmoptions.KubeCloudSharedOptions
	ServiceController *cmoptions.ServiceControllerOptions

	SecureServing *apiserveroptions.SecureServingOptionsWithLoopback
	// TODO: remove insecure serving mode
	InsecureServing *apiserveroptions.DeprecatedInsecureServingOptionsWithLoopback
	Authentication  *apiserveroptions.DelegatingAuthenticationOptions
	Authorization   *apiserveroptions.DelegatingAuthorizationOptions

	Master     string
	Kubeconfig string

	// NodeStatusUpdateFrequency is the frequency at which the controller updates nodes' status
	NodeStatusUpdateFrequency metav1.Duration

CloudControllerManagerOptions is the main context object for the controller manager.

func NewCloudControllerManagerOptions added in v1.10.0

func NewCloudControllerManagerOptions() (*CloudControllerManagerOptions, error)

NewCloudControllerManagerOptions creates a new ExternalCMServer with a default config.

func (*CloudControllerManagerOptions) ApplyTo added in v1.10.0

ApplyTo fills up cloud controller manager config with options.

func (*CloudControllerManagerOptions) Config added in v1.10.0

func (o *CloudControllerManagerOptions) Config(allControllers, disabledByDefaultControllers []string) (*cloudcontrollerconfig.Config, error)

Config return a cloud controller manager config objective

func (*CloudControllerManagerOptions) Flags added in v1.12.0

func (o *CloudControllerManagerOptions) Flags(allControllers, disabledByDefaultControllers []string) cliflag.NamedFlagSets

Flags returns flags for a specific APIServer by section name

func (*CloudControllerManagerOptions) Validate added in v1.10.0

func (o *CloudControllerManagerOptions) Validate(allControllers, disabledByDefaultControllers []string) error

Validate is used to validate config before launching the cloud controller manager

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