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func AddOrUpdateLabelsOnNode added in v1.14.0

func AddOrUpdateLabelsOnNode(kubeClient clientset.Interface, labelsToUpdate map[string]string, node *v1.Node) bool

AddOrUpdateLabelsOnNode updates the labels on the node and returns true on success and false on failure.

func CreateAddNodeHandler

func CreateAddNodeHandler(f func(node *v1.Node) error) func(obj interface{})

CreateAddNodeHandler creates an add node handler.

func CreateDeleteNodeHandler

func CreateDeleteNodeHandler(f func(node *v1.Node) error) func(obj interface{})

CreateDeleteNodeHandler creates a delete node handler. (Common to lifecycle and ipam)

func CreateUpdateNodeHandler

func CreateUpdateNodeHandler(f func(oldNode, newNode *v1.Node) error) func(oldObj, newObj interface{})

CreateUpdateNodeHandler creates a node update handler. (Common to lifecycle and ipam)

func DeletePods

func DeletePods(kubeClient clientset.Interface, recorder record.EventRecorder, nodeName, nodeUID string, daemonStore appsv1listers.DaemonSetLister) (bool, error)

DeletePods will delete all pods from master running on given node, and return true if any pods were deleted, or were found pending deletion.

func GetNodeCondition added in v1.14.0

func GetNodeCondition(status *v1.NodeStatus, conditionType v1.NodeConditionType) (int, *v1.NodeCondition)

GetNodeCondition extracts the provided condition from the given status and returns that. Returns nil and -1 if the condition is not present, and the index of the located condition.

func MarkAllPodsNotReady

func MarkAllPodsNotReady(kubeClient clientset.Interface, node *v1.Node) error

MarkAllPodsNotReady updates ready status of all pods running on given node from master return true if success

func RecordNodeEvent

func RecordNodeEvent(recorder record.EventRecorder, nodeName, nodeUID, eventtype, reason, event string)

RecordNodeEvent records a event related to a node.

func RecordNodeStatusChange

func RecordNodeStatusChange(recorder record.EventRecorder, node *v1.Node, newStatus string)

RecordNodeStatusChange records a event related to a node status change. (Common to lifecycle and ipam)

func SetPodTerminationReason

func SetPodTerminationReason(kubeClient clientset.Interface, pod *v1.Pod, nodeName string) (*v1.Pod, error)

SetPodTerminationReason attempts to set a reason and message in the pod status, updates it in the apiserver, and returns an error if it encounters one.

func SwapNodeControllerTaint

func SwapNodeControllerTaint(kubeClient clientset.Interface, taintsToAdd, taintsToRemove []*v1.Taint, node *v1.Node) bool

SwapNodeControllerTaint returns true in case of success and false otherwise.


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