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const (
	Destination = "-d "
	Source      = "-s "
	DPort       = "--dport "
	Protocol    = "-p "
	Jump        = "-j "
	Reject      = "REJECT"
	ToDest      = "--to-destination "
	Recent      = "recent "
	MatchSet    = "--match-set "


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type FakeIPTables added in v1.5.0

type FakeIPTables struct {
	Lines []byte

no-op implementation of iptables Interface

func NewFake

func NewFake() *FakeIPTables

func (*FakeIPTables) AddReloadFunc added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) AddReloadFunc(reloadFunc func())

func (*FakeIPTables) DeleteChain added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) DeleteChain(table iptables.Table, chain iptables.Chain) error

func (*FakeIPTables) DeleteRule added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) DeleteRule(table iptables.Table, chain iptables.Chain, args ...string) error

func (*FakeIPTables) Destroy added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) Destroy()

func (*FakeIPTables) EnsureChain added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) EnsureChain(table iptables.Table, chain iptables.Chain) (bool, error)

func (*FakeIPTables) EnsureRule added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) EnsureRule(position iptables.RulePosition, table iptables.Table, chain iptables.Chain, args ...string) (bool, error)

func (*FakeIPTables) FlushChain added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) FlushChain(table iptables.Table, chain iptables.Chain) error

func (*FakeIPTables) GetRules added in v1.5.0

func (f *FakeIPTables) GetRules(chainName string) (rules []Rule)

GetChain returns a list of rules for the given chain. The chain name must match exactly. The matching is pretty dumb, don't rely on it for anything but testing.

func (*FakeIPTables) GetVersion added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) GetVersion() (string, error)

func (*FakeIPTables) IsIpv6 added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) IsIpv6() bool

func (*FakeIPTables) Restore added in v1.5.0

func (*FakeIPTables) Restore(table iptables.Table, data []byte, flush iptables.FlushFlag, counters iptables.RestoreCountersFlag) error

func (*FakeIPTables) RestoreAll added in v1.5.0

func (f *FakeIPTables) RestoreAll(data []byte, flush iptables.FlushFlag, counters iptables.RestoreCountersFlag) error

func (*FakeIPTables) Save added in v1.5.0

func (f *FakeIPTables) Save(table iptables.Table) ([]byte, error)

func (*FakeIPTables) SaveInto added in v1.7.0

func (f *FakeIPTables) SaveInto(table iptables.Table, buffer *bytes.Buffer) error

type Rule added in v1.5.0

type Rule map[string]string

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