Package componentstatus provides interfaces and implementation for retrieving cluster component status.



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    func ToConditionStatus

    func ToConditionStatus(s probe.Result) api.ConditionStatus


    type REST

    type REST struct {
    	GetServersToValidate func() map[string]*Server

    func NewStorage

    func NewStorage(serverRetriever func() map[string]*Server) *REST

      NewStorage returns a new REST.

      func (*REST) Get

      func (rs *REST) Get(ctx context.Context, name string, options *metav1.GetOptions) (runtime.Object, error)

      func (*REST) List

        Returns the list of component status. Note that the label and field are both ignored. Note that this call doesn't support labels or selectors.

        func (*REST) NamespaceScoped

        func (*REST) NamespaceScoped() bool

        func (*REST) New

        func (rs *REST) New() runtime.Object

        func (*REST) NewList

        func (rs *REST) NewList() runtime.Object

        func (*REST) ShortNames

        func (r *REST) ShortNames() []string

          ShortNames implements the ShortNamesProvider interface. Returns a list of short names for a resource.

          type Server

          type Server struct {
          	Addr        string
          	Port        int
          	Path        string
          	EnableHTTPS bool
          	TLSConfig   *tls.Config
          	Validate    ValidatorFn
          	Prober      httpprober.Prober
          	Once        sync.Once

          func (*Server) DoServerCheck

          func (server *Server) DoServerCheck() (probe.Result, string, error)

          type ServerStatus

          type ServerStatus struct {
          	// +optional
          	Component string `json:"component,omitempty"`
          	// +optional
          	Health string `json:"health,omitempty"`
          	// +optional
          	HealthCode probe.Result `json:"healthCode,omitempty"`
          	// +optional
          	Msg string `json:"msg,omitempty"`
          	// +optional
          	Err string `json:"err,omitempty"`

          type ValidatorFn

          type ValidatorFn func([]byte) error