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func IsEnabled

func IsEnabled() bool

IsEnabled returns false, when build without seccomp build tag.

func LoadProfileFromBytes

func LoadProfileFromBytes(body []byte, specgen *generate.Generator) error

LoadProfileFromBytes takes a byte slice and decodes the seccomp profile.

func LoadProfileFromStruct

func LoadProfileFromStruct(config Seccomp, specgen *generate.Generator) error

LoadProfileFromStruct takes a Seccomp struct and setup seccomp in the spec.


type Action

type Action string

Action taken upon Seccomp rule match

const (
	ActKill  Action = "SCMP_ACT_KILL"
	ActTrap  Action = "SCMP_ACT_TRAP"
	ActErrno Action = "SCMP_ACT_ERRNO"
	ActTrace Action = "SCMP_ACT_TRACE"
	ActAllow Action = "SCMP_ACT_ALLOW"

Define actions for Seccomp rules

type Arch

type Arch string

Arch used for architectures

const (
	ArchX86         Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_X86"
	ArchX86_64      Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_X86_64"
	ArchX32         Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_X32"
	ArchARM         Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_ARM"
	ArchAARCH64     Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_AARCH64"
	ArchMIPS        Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_MIPS"
	ArchMIPS64      Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_MIPS64"
	ArchMIPS64N32   Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_MIPS64N32"
	ArchMIPSEL64    Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_MIPSEL64"
	ArchPPC         Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_PPC"
	ArchPPC64       Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_PPC64"
	ArchPPC64LE     Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_PPC64LE"
	ArchS390        Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_S390"
	ArchS390X       Arch = "SCMP_ARCH_S390X"

Additional architectures permitted to be used for system calls By default only the native architecture of the kernel is permitted

type Architecture

type Architecture struct {
	Arch      Arch   `json:"architecture"`
	SubArches []Arch `json:"subArchitectures"`

Architecture is used to represent an specific architecture and its sub-architectures

type Arg

type Arg struct {
	Index    uint     `json:"index"`
	Value    uint64   `json:"value"`
	ValueTwo uint64   `json:"valueTwo"`
	Op       Operator `json:"op"`

Arg used for matching specific syscall arguments in Seccomp

type Filter

type Filter struct {
	Caps   []string `json:"caps,omitempty"`
	Arches []string `json:"arches,omitempty"`

Filter is used to conditionally apply Seccomp rules

type Operator

type Operator string

Operator used to match syscall arguments in Seccomp

const (
	OpNotEqual     Operator = "SCMP_CMP_NE"
	OpLessThan     Operator = "SCMP_CMP_LT"
	OpLessEqual    Operator = "SCMP_CMP_LE"
	OpEqualTo      Operator = "SCMP_CMP_EQ"
	OpGreaterEqual Operator = "SCMP_CMP_GE"
	OpGreaterThan  Operator = "SCMP_CMP_GT"
	OpMaskedEqual  Operator = "SCMP_CMP_MASKED_EQ"

Define operators for syscall arguments in Seccomp

type Seccomp

type Seccomp struct {
	DefaultAction Action `json:"defaultAction"`
	// Architectures is kept to maintain backward compatibility with the old
	// seccomp profile.
	Architectures []Arch         `json:"architectures,omitempty"`
	ArchMap       []Architecture `json:"archMap,omitempty"`
	Syscalls      []*Syscall     `json:"syscalls"`

Seccomp represents the config for a seccomp profile for syscall restriction.

type Syscall

type Syscall struct {
	Name     string   `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Names    []string `json:"names,omitempty"`
	Action   Action   `json:"action"`
	Args     []*Arg   `json:"args"`
	Comment  string   `json:"comment"`
	Includes Filter   `json:"includes"`
	Excludes Filter   `json:"excludes"`

Syscall is used to match a group of syscalls in Seccomp

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