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func CopyDetachable

func CopyDetachable(dst io.Writer, src io.Reader, keys []byte) (written int64, err error)

CopyDetachable is similar to io.Copy but support a detach key sequence to break out.

func ExecCmd

func ExecCmd(name string, args ...string) (string, error)

ExecCmd executes a command with args and returns its output as a string along with an error, if any

func ExecCmdWithStdStreams

func ExecCmdWithStdStreams(stdin io.Reader, stdout, stderr io.Writer, name string, args ...string) error

ExecCmdWithStdStreams execute a command with the specified standard streams.

func GetDeviceNameFromPath

func GetDeviceNameFromPath(path string) (string, error)

GetDeviceNameFromPath iterates through the mounts and matches the one that the provided path is on

func GetDeviceUUIDFromPath

func GetDeviceUUIDFromPath(devicePath string) (string, error)

GetDeviceUUIDFromPath accepts a path, and will find the device corresponding to the path and return the UUID of that device

func GetDiskUsageStats

func GetDiskUsageStats(path string) (uint64, uint64, error)

GetDiskUsageStats accepts a path to a directory or file and returns the number of bytes and inodes used by the path

func GetStattFromPath

func GetStattFromPath(path string) (syscall.Stat_t, error)

GetStattFromPath is a helper function that returns the Stat_t object for a given path

func RunUnderSystemdScope

func RunUnderSystemdScope(pid int, slice string, unitName string) error

RunUnderSystemdScope adds the specified pid to a systemd scope

func StatusToExitCode

func StatusToExitCode(status int) int

StatusToExitCode converts wait status code to an exit code


type DetachError

type DetachError struct{}

DetachError is special error which returned in case of container detach.

func (DetachError) Error

func (DetachError) Error() string

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