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func AddRepository

func AddRepository(repoName string, repoURL string) error

AddRepository adds a repository to helm

func PullChart

func PullChart(chartName string, chartVersion string) error

PullChart pulls a chart from helm registry

func PullChartUntarToDir

func PullChartUntarToDir(chartName string, chartVersion string, dirName string) error

PullChartUntarToDir pulls a helm chart, untar and output to a directory

func UpgradeInstallChart

func UpgradeInstallChart(releaseName string, chartPath string, valueOpts *values.Options, opts *cmdutils.InstallOpts) error

UpgradeInstallChart upgrades a existing release or creates it


type Pull

type Pull struct {
	Settings *cli.EnvSettings // TODO: refactor this out of pkg/action

	Devel       bool
	Untar       bool
	VerifyLater bool
	UntarDir    string
	DestDir     string

Pull is the action for checking a given release's information.

It provides the implementation of 'helm pull'.

func NewPull

func NewPull() *Pull

NewPull creates a new Pull object with the given configuration.

func (*Pull) Run

func (p *Pull) Run(chartRef string) (string, error)

Run executes 'helm pull' against the given release.

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