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var ProberResults = prometheus.NewGaugeVec(
		Subsystem: "prober",
		Name:      "probe_result",
		Help:      "The result of a liveness or readiness probe for a container.",

ProberResults stores the results of a probe as prometheus metrics.


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type Manager added in v1.2.0

type Manager interface {
	// AddPod creates new probe workers for every container probe. This should be called for every
	// pod created.
	AddPod(pod *v1.Pod)

	// RemovePod handles cleaning up the removed pod state, including terminating probe workers and
	// deleting cached results.
	RemovePod(pod *v1.Pod)

	// CleanupPods handles cleaning up pods which should no longer be running.
	// It takes a list of "active pods" which should not be cleaned up.
	CleanupPods(activePods []*v1.Pod)

	// UpdatePodStatus modifies the given PodStatus with the appropriate Ready state for each
	// container based on container running status, cached probe results and worker states.
	UpdatePodStatus(types.UID, *v1.PodStatus)

	// Start starts the Manager sync loops.

Manager manages pod probing. It creates a probe "worker" for every container that specifies a probe (AddPod). The worker periodically probes its assigned container and caches the results. The manager use the cached probe results to set the appropriate Ready state in the PodStatus when requested (UpdatePodStatus). Updating probe parameters is not currently supported. TODO: Move liveness probing out of the runtime, to here.

func NewManager added in v1.2.0

func NewManager(
	statusManager status.Manager,
	livenessManager results.Manager,
	runner kubecontainer.ContainerCommandRunner,
	refManager *kubecontainer.RefManager,
	recorder record.EventRecorder) Manager


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