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const (
	PodStartupLatencyThreshold = 5 * time.Second
	MinSaturationThreshold     = 2 * time.Minute
	MinPodsPerSecondThroughput = 8
	DensityPollInterval        = 10 * time.Second
	MinPodStartupMeasurements  = 500
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const (
	// UnreadyNodeToleration denotes time the node can be unreachable/not ready.
	UnreadyNodeToleration = 15 * time.Minute


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var MaxContainerFailures = 0

    Maximum container failures this test tolerates before failing.

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    var MaxMissingPodStartupMeasurements = 0

      Maximum no. of missing measurements related to pod-startup that the test tolerates.


      func CreateNamespaces

      func CreateNamespaces(f *framework.Framework, namespaceCount int, namePrefix string, testPhase *timer.Phase) ([]*v1.Namespace, error)

      func CreateQuotas

      func CreateQuotas(f *framework.Framework, namespaces []*v1.Namespace, podCount int, testPhase *timer.Phase) error

      func GenerateConfigsForGroup

      func GenerateConfigsForGroup(
      	nss []*v1.Namespace,
      	groupName string,
      	size, count int,
      	image string,
      	command []string,
      	kind schema.GroupKind,
      	secretsPerPod int,
      	configMapsPerPod int,
      ) ([]testutils.RunObjectConfig, []*testutils.SecretConfig, []*testutils.ConfigMapConfig)

      func SIGDescribe

      func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool


      type DensityTestConfig

      type DensityTestConfig struct {
      	Configs            []testutils.RunObjectConfig
      	ClientSets         []clientset.Interface
      	InternalClientsets []internalclientset.Interface
      	ScaleClients       []scaleclient.ScalesGetter
      	PollInterval       time.Duration
      	PodCount           int
      	SecretConfigs    []*testutils.SecretConfig
      	ConfigMapConfigs []*testutils.ConfigMapConfig
      	DaemonConfigs    []*testutils.DaemonConfig
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields