Package integration provides integration tests for Kubernetes.Some tests require a running etcd or Docker installation on the system.



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    var (
    	Code200 = map[int]bool{200: true}
    	Code201 = map[int]bool{201: true}
    	Code400 = map[int]bool{400: true}
    	Code401 = map[int]bool{401: true}
    	Code403 = map[int]bool{403: true}
    	Code404 = map[int]bool{404: true}
    	Code405 = map[int]bool{405: true}
    	Code409 = map[int]bool{409: true}
    	Code422 = map[int]bool{422: true}
    	Code500 = map[int]bool{500: true}
    	Code503 = map[int]bool{503: true}

      Requests to try. Each one should be forbidden or not forbidden depending on the authentication and authorization setup of the master.


      func DeletePodOrErrorf

      func DeletePodOrErrorf(t *testing.T, c clientset.Interface, ns, name string)

        DeletePodOrErrorf deletes a pod or fails with a call to t.Errorf.

        func GetEtcdClients

        func GetEtcdClients(config storagebackend.TransportConfig) (*clientv3.Client, clientv3.KV, error)

          GetEtcdClients returns an initialized clientv3.Client and clientv3.KV.

          func WaitForPodToDisappear

          func WaitForPodToDisappear(podClient coreclient.PodInterface, podName string, interval, timeout time.Duration) error

            WaitForPodToDisappear polls the API server if the pod has been deleted.


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