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type AcmeClient

type AcmeClient struct {
	Client      *lego.Client
	Resolvers   map[string]string
	DNSProvider challenge.Provider
	AcmeConfig  *lego.Config
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Implementation and helper struct for working with custom ACME resources.

func NewAcmeClient

func NewAcmeClient(client *http.Client, resolvers map[string]string, config *lego.Config, provider challenge.Provider, logger lager.Logger) (*AcmeClient, error)

NewAcmeClient generates a new client with the target config.

type DomainMessenger

type DomainMessenger struct {
	Domain  string
	Token   string
	KeyAuth string

	// How long is left until the domain service needs to be authenticated.
	ValidUntil time.Time

Wrapper for storing the DNS instructions.

func (DomainMessenger) String

func (d DomainMessenger) String() string

String wraps a tabwriter into a string format for ease of use.

type ServiceBrokerDNSProvider

type ServiceBrokerDNSProvider struct {
	// Handler for sharing the DNS resolver records.
	Handler chan DomainMessenger

	// Db access
	Db *gorm.DB

Internal DNS provider.

func (ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) CleanUp

func (s ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) CleanUp(domain, token, keyAuth string) error

todo (mxplusb): this should remove old/solved records.

func (ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) Present

func (s ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) Present(domain, token, keyAuth string) error

Present our credentials to the handler.

func (ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) Timeout

func (s ServiceBrokerDNSProvider) Timeout() (timeout, interval time.Duration)

Set our default timeout to be 24 hours and check every 3 minutes.

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