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func Command

func Command(log api.LogService, action func(api.DatabaseService, *api.Account))

Command represents a basic utility command.

func IsPiped

func IsPiped() bool

IsPiped returns whether the command was started with piped input.

func ReadSectionData added in v0.5.9

func ReadSectionData(filepath string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

ReadSectionData reads in a sub-section of test data, returning a partial form.


type WebClient

type WebClient struct {
	Client   *http.Client
	Address  string
	Username string
	Password string
	Token    string

WebClient is a basic web client to be used with various utility functionality.

func (*WebClient) Authenticate

func (wc *WebClient) Authenticate()

Authenticate against the RESTful service with basic authentication.

func (*WebClient) Form

func (wc *WebClient) Form() json.RawMessage

Form returns the entire application as a JSON structure.

func (*WebClient) GetInformation

func (wc *WebClient) GetInformation()

GetInformation will ask for more information if not already known.

func (*WebClient) Logout

func (wc *WebClient) Logout()

Logout will end a session.

func (*WebClient) Save

func (wc *WebClient) Save(payload json.RawMessage)

Save a JSON structure to the RESTful service.

func (*WebClient) Submit

func (wc *WebClient) Submit()

Submit will submit an application through the RESTful service.


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