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func IsAction

func IsAction(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsActionOutput

func IsActionOutput(p Action) bool

func IsAggregateStatsReply

func IsAggregateStatsReply(p StatsReply) bool

func IsAggregateStatsRequest

func IsAggregateStatsRequest(p StatsRequest) bool

func IsApplyActions

func IsApplyActions(p Instruction) bool

func IsDescStats

func IsDescStats(p StatsReply) bool

func IsEchoReply

func IsEchoReply(p Header12) bool

func IsEchoRequest

func IsEchoRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsErrorMsg

func IsErrorMsg(p Header12) bool

func IsFeaturesReply

func IsFeaturesReply(p Header12) bool

func IsFeaturesRequest

func IsFeaturesRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsFlowMod

func IsFlowMod(p Header12) bool

func IsFlowRemoved

func IsFlowRemoved(p Header12) bool

func IsFlowStats

func IsFlowStats(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsFlowStatsReply

func IsFlowStatsReply(p StatsReply) bool

func IsFlowStatsRequest

func IsFlowStatsRequest(p StatsRequest) bool

func IsGetConfigRequest

func IsGetConfigRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsHeader12

func IsHeader12(p of.Header) bool

func IsHello

func IsHello(p of.Hello) bool

func IsInstruction

func IsInstruction(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsMatch

func IsMatch(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsOXMatch

func IsOXMatch(p Match) bool

func IsOxmEthDst

func IsOxmEthDst(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmEthDstMasked

func IsOxmEthDstMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmEthSrc

func IsOxmEthSrc(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmEthSrcMasked

func IsOxmEthSrcMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmEthType

func IsOxmEthType(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmField

func IsOxmField(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsOxmInPort

func IsOxmInPort(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpProto

func IsOxmIpProto(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV4Dst

func IsOxmIpV4Dst(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV4DstMasked

func IsOxmIpV4DstMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV4Src

func IsOxmIpV4Src(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV4SrcMasked

func IsOxmIpV4SrcMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV6Dst

func IsOxmIpV6Dst(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV6DstMasked

func IsOxmIpV6DstMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV6Src

func IsOxmIpV6Src(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmIpV6SrcMasked

func IsOxmIpV6SrcMasked(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmTcpDst

func IsOxmTcpDst(p OxmField) bool

func IsOxmTcpSrc

func IsOxmTcpSrc(p OxmField) bool

func IsPacketIn

func IsPacketIn(p Header12) bool

func IsPacketOut

func IsPacketOut(p Header12) bool

func IsPacketQueue

func IsPacketQueue(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsPort

func IsPort(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsPortMod

func IsPortMod(p Header12) bool

func IsPortStats

func IsPortStats(p StatsReply) bool

func IsPortStatsRequest

func IsPortStatsRequest(p StatsRequest) bool

func IsPortStatus

func IsPortStatus(p Header12) bool

func IsQueueGetConfigReply

func IsQueueGetConfigReply(p Header12) bool

func IsQueueGetConfigRequest

func IsQueueGetConfigRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsQueuePropHeader

func IsQueuePropHeader(p packet.Packet) bool

func IsQueuePropMinRate

func IsQueuePropMinRate(p QueuePropHeader) bool

func IsQueueStats

func IsQueueStats(p StatsReply) bool

func IsQueueStatsRequest

func IsQueueStatsRequest(p StatsRequest) bool

func IsRoleReply

func IsRoleReply(p Header12) bool

func IsRoleRequest

func IsRoleRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsStatsReply

func IsStatsReply(p Header12) bool

func IsStatsRequest

func IsStatsRequest(p Header12) bool

func IsStdMatch

func IsStdMatch(p Match) bool

func IsSwitchGetConfigReply

func IsSwitchGetConfigReply(p Header12) bool

func IsSwitchSetConfig

func IsSwitchSetConfig(p Header12) bool

func IsTableStats

func IsTableStats(p StatsReply) bool

func IsVendorHeader

func IsVendorHeader(p Header12) bool


type Action

type Action struct {

func NewAction

func NewAction() Action

func NewActionWithBuf

func NewActionWithBuf(b []byte) Action

func ToAction

func ToAction(p packet.Packet) (Action, error)

func (Action) Clone

func (this Action) Clone() (Action, error)

func (*Action) Init

func (this *Action) Init()

func (Action) Len

func (this Action) Len() uint16

func (Action) LenOffset

func (this Action) LenOffset() int

func (*Action) SetLen

func (this *Action) SetLen(l uint16)

func (*Action) SetType

func (this *Action) SetType(t uint16)

func (Action) Size

func (this Action) Size() int

func (Action) Type

func (this Action) Type() uint16

func (Action) TypeOffset

func (this Action) TypeOffset() int

type ActionConn

type ActionConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewActionConn

func NewActionConn(c net.Conn) ActionConn

func (*ActionConn) Flush

func (c *ActionConn) Flush() error

func (*ActionConn) ReadAction

func (c *ActionConn) ReadAction() (Action, error)

func (*ActionConn) ReadActions

func (c *ActionConn) ReadActions(pkts []Action) (int, error)

func (*ActionConn) WriteAction

func (c *ActionConn) WriteAction(pkt Action) error

func (*ActionConn) WriteActions

func (c *ActionConn) WriteActions(pkts []Action) error

type ActionOutput

type ActionOutput struct {

func NewActionOutput

func NewActionOutput() ActionOutput

func NewActionOutputWithBuf

func NewActionOutputWithBuf(b []byte) ActionOutput

func ToActionOutput

func ToActionOutput(p Action) (ActionOutput, error)

func (ActionOutput) Clone

func (this ActionOutput) Clone() (ActionOutput, error)

func (*ActionOutput) Init

func (this *ActionOutput) Init()

func (ActionOutput) MaxLen

func (this ActionOutput) MaxLen() uint16

func (ActionOutput) MaxLenOffset

func (this ActionOutput) MaxLenOffset() int

func (ActionOutput) Pad

func (this ActionOutput) Pad() [6]uint8

func (ActionOutput) PadOffset

func (this ActionOutput) PadOffset() int

func (ActionOutput) Port

func (this ActionOutput) Port() uint32

func (ActionOutput) PortOffset

func (this ActionOutput) PortOffset() int

func (*ActionOutput) SetMaxLen

func (this *ActionOutput) SetMaxLen(m uint16)

func (*ActionOutput) SetPad

func (this *ActionOutput) SetPad(p [6]uint8)

func (*ActionOutput) SetPort

func (this *ActionOutput) SetPort(p uint32)

func (ActionOutput) Size

func (this ActionOutput) Size() int

type ActionOutputConn

type ActionOutputConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewActionOutputConn

func NewActionOutputConn(c net.Conn) ActionOutputConn

func (*ActionOutputConn) Flush

func (c *ActionOutputConn) Flush() error

func (*ActionOutputConn) ReadActionOutput

func (c *ActionOutputConn) ReadActionOutput() (ActionOutput, error)

func (*ActionOutputConn) ReadActionOutputs

func (c *ActionOutputConn) ReadActionOutputs(pkts []ActionOutput) (int, error)

func (*ActionOutputConn) WriteActionOutput

func (c *ActionOutputConn) WriteActionOutput(pkt ActionOutput) error

func (*ActionOutputConn) WriteActionOutputs

func (c *ActionOutputConn) WriteActionOutputs(pkts []ActionOutput) error

type ActionType

type ActionType int
const (
	PAT_OUTPUT       ActionType = 0
	PAT_COPY_TTL_OUT ActionType = 11
	PAT_COPY_TTL_IN  ActionType = 12
	PAT_SET_MPLS_TTL ActionType = 15
	PAT_DEC_MPLS_TTL ActionType = 16
	PAT_PUSH_VLAN    ActionType = 17
	PAT_POP_VLAN     ActionType = 18
	PAT_PUSH_MPLS    ActionType = 19
	PAT_POP_MPLS     ActionType = 20
	PAT_SET_QUEUE    ActionType = 21
	PAT_GROUP        ActionType = 22
	PAT_SET_NW_TTL   ActionType = 23
	PAT_DEC_NW_TTL   ActionType = 24
	PAT_SET_FIELD    ActionType = 25
	PAT_EXPERIMENTER ActionType = 65535

type AggregateStatsReply

type AggregateStatsReply struct {

func NewAggregateStatsReply

func NewAggregateStatsReply() AggregateStatsReply

func NewAggregateStatsReplyWithBuf

func NewAggregateStatsReplyWithBuf(b []byte) AggregateStatsReply

func ToAggregateStatsReply

func ToAggregateStatsReply(p StatsReply) (AggregateStatsReply, error)

func (AggregateStatsReply) ByteCount

func (this AggregateStatsReply) ByteCount() uint64

func (AggregateStatsReply) ByteCountOffset

func (this AggregateStatsReply) ByteCountOffset() int

func (AggregateStatsReply) Clone

func (AggregateStatsReply) FlowCount

func (this AggregateStatsReply) FlowCount() uint32

func (AggregateStatsReply) FlowCountOffset

func (this AggregateStatsReply) FlowCountOffset() int

func (*AggregateStatsReply) Init

func (this *AggregateStatsReply) Init()

func (AggregateStatsReply) PacketCount

func (this AggregateStatsReply) PacketCount() uint64

func (AggregateStatsReply) PacketCountOffset

func (this AggregateStatsReply) PacketCountOffset() int

func (AggregateStatsReply) Pad

func (this AggregateStatsReply) Pad() [4]uint8

func (AggregateStatsReply) PadOffset

func (this AggregateStatsReply) PadOffset() int

func (*AggregateStatsReply) SetByteCount

func (this *AggregateStatsReply) SetByteCount(b uint64)

func (*AggregateStatsReply) SetFlowCount

func (this *AggregateStatsReply) SetFlowCount(f uint32)

func (*AggregateStatsReply) SetPacketCount

func (this *AggregateStatsReply) SetPacketCount(p uint64)

func (*AggregateStatsReply) SetPad

func (this *AggregateStatsReply) SetPad(p [4]uint8)

func (AggregateStatsReply) Size

func (this AggregateStatsReply) Size() int

type AggregateStatsReplyConn

type AggregateStatsReplyConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAggregateStatsReplyConn

func NewAggregateStatsReplyConn(c net.Conn) AggregateStatsReplyConn

func (*AggregateStatsReplyConn) Flush

func (c *AggregateStatsReplyConn) Flush() error

func (*AggregateStatsReplyConn) ReadAggregateStatsReply

func (c *AggregateStatsReplyConn) ReadAggregateStatsReply() (AggregateStatsReply, error)

func (*AggregateStatsReplyConn) ReadAggregateStatsReplys

func (c *AggregateStatsReplyConn) ReadAggregateStatsReplys(pkts []AggregateStatsReply) (int, error)

func (*AggregateStatsReplyConn) WriteAggregateStatsReply

func (c *AggregateStatsReplyConn) WriteAggregateStatsReply(pkt AggregateStatsReply) error

func (*AggregateStatsReplyConn) WriteAggregateStatsReplys

func (c *AggregateStatsReplyConn) WriteAggregateStatsReplys(pkts []AggregateStatsReply) error

type AggregateStatsRequest

type AggregateStatsRequest struct {

func NewAggregateStatsRequest

func NewAggregateStatsRequest() AggregateStatsRequest

func NewAggregateStatsRequestWithBuf

func NewAggregateStatsRequestWithBuf(b []byte) AggregateStatsRequest

func ToAggregateStatsRequest

func ToAggregateStatsRequest(p StatsRequest) (AggregateStatsRequest, error)

func (AggregateStatsRequest) Clone

func (*AggregateStatsRequest) Init

func (this *AggregateStatsRequest) Init()

func (AggregateStatsRequest) Match

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) Match() Match

func (AggregateStatsRequest) MatchOffset

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) MatchOffset() int

func (AggregateStatsRequest) MatchSize

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) MatchSize() int

func (AggregateStatsRequest) OutPort

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) OutPort() uint16

func (AggregateStatsRequest) OutPortOffset

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) OutPortOffset() int

func (AggregateStatsRequest) Pad

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) Pad() uint8

func (AggregateStatsRequest) PadOffset

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) PadOffset() int

func (*AggregateStatsRequest) SetMatch

func (this *AggregateStatsRequest) SetMatch(m Match)

func (*AggregateStatsRequest) SetOutPort

func (this *AggregateStatsRequest) SetOutPort(o uint16)

func (*AggregateStatsRequest) SetPad

func (this *AggregateStatsRequest) SetPad(p uint8)

func (*AggregateStatsRequest) SetTableId

func (this *AggregateStatsRequest) SetTableId(t uint8)

func (AggregateStatsRequest) Size

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) Size() int

func (AggregateStatsRequest) TableId

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) TableId() uint8

func (AggregateStatsRequest) TableIdOffset

func (this AggregateStatsRequest) TableIdOffset() int

type AggregateStatsRequestConn

type AggregateStatsRequestConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAggregateStatsRequestConn

func NewAggregateStatsRequestConn(c net.Conn) AggregateStatsRequestConn

func (*AggregateStatsRequestConn) Flush

func (c *AggregateStatsRequestConn) Flush() error

func (*AggregateStatsRequestConn) ReadAggregateStatsRequest

func (c *AggregateStatsRequestConn) ReadAggregateStatsRequest() (AggregateStatsRequest, error)

func (*AggregateStatsRequestConn) ReadAggregateStatsRequests

func (c *AggregateStatsRequestConn) ReadAggregateStatsRequests(pkts []AggregateStatsRequest) (int, error)

func (*AggregateStatsRequestConn) WriteAggregateStatsRequest

func (c *AggregateStatsRequestConn) WriteAggregateStatsRequest(pkt AggregateStatsRequest) error

func (*AggregateStatsRequestConn) WriteAggregateStatsRequests

func (c *AggregateStatsRequestConn) WriteAggregateStatsRequests(pkts []AggregateStatsRequest) error

type ApplyActions

type ApplyActions struct {

func NewApplyActions

func NewApplyActions() ApplyActions

func NewApplyActionsWithBuf

func NewApplyActionsWithBuf(b []byte) ApplyActions

func ToApplyActions

func ToApplyActions(p Instruction) (ApplyActions, error)

func (ApplyActions) Actions

func (this ApplyActions) Actions() []Action

func (ApplyActions) ActionsOffset

func (this ApplyActions) ActionsOffset() int

func (ApplyActions) ActionsSize

func (this ApplyActions) ActionsSize() int

func (*ApplyActions) AddActions

func (this *ApplyActions) AddActions(a Action)

func (ApplyActions) Clone

func (this ApplyActions) Clone() (ApplyActions, error)

func (*ApplyActions) Init

func (this *ApplyActions) Init()

func (ApplyActions) Pad

func (this ApplyActions) Pad() [4]uint8

func (ApplyActions) PadOffset

func (this ApplyActions) PadOffset() int

func (*ApplyActions) SetPad

func (this *ApplyActions) SetPad(p [4]uint8)

func (ApplyActions) Size

func (this ApplyActions) Size() int

type ApplyActionsConn

type ApplyActionsConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewApplyActionsConn

func NewApplyActionsConn(c net.Conn) ApplyActionsConn

func (*ApplyActionsConn) Flush

func (c *ApplyActionsConn) Flush() error

func (*ApplyActionsConn) ReadApplyActions

func (c *ApplyActionsConn) ReadApplyActions() (ApplyActions, error)

func (*ApplyActionsConn) ReadApplyActionss

func (c *ApplyActionsConn) ReadApplyActionss(pkts []ApplyActions) (int, error)

func (*ApplyActionsConn) WriteApplyActions

func (c *ApplyActionsConn) WriteApplyActions(pkt ApplyActions) error

func (*ApplyActionsConn) WriteApplyActionss

func (c *ApplyActionsConn) WriteApplyActionss(pkts []ApplyActions) error

type BadActionCode

type BadActionCode int
const (
	PBAC_BAD_TYPE        BadActionCode = 0
	PBAC_BAD_LEN         BadActionCode = 1
	PBAC_BAD_VENDOR      BadActionCode = 2
	PBAC_BAD_OUT_PORT    BadActionCode = 4
	PBAC_BAD_ARGUMENT    BadActionCode = 5
	PBAC_EPERM           BadActionCode = 6
	PBAC_TOO_MANY        BadActionCode = 7
	PBAC_BAD_QUEUE       BadActionCode = 8

type BadRequestCode

type BadRequestCode int
const (
	PBRC_BAD_VERSION    BadRequestCode = 0
	PBRC_BAD_TYPE       BadRequestCode = 1
	PBRC_BAD_STAT       BadRequestCode = 2
	PBRC_BAD_VENDOR     BadRequestCode = 3
	PBRC_BAD_SUBTYPE    BadRequestCode = 4
	PBRC_EPERM          BadRequestCode = 5
	PBRC_BAD_LEN        BadRequestCode = 6
	PBRC_BUFFER_EMPTY   BadRequestCode = 7

type Buffers

type Buffers int
const (
	P_NO_BUFFER Buffers = 4294967295

type Capabilities

type Capabilities int
const (
	PC_FLOW_STATS   Capabilities = 1
	PC_TABLE_STATS  Capabilities = 2
	PC_PORT_STATS   Capabilities = 4
	PC_STP          Capabilities = 8
	PC_RESERVED     Capabilities = 16
	PC_IP_REASM     Capabilities = 32
	PC_QUEUE_STATS  Capabilities = 64
	PC_ARP_MATCH_IP Capabilities = 128

type ConfigFlags

type ConfigFlags int
const (
	PC_FRAG_NORMAL               ConfigFlags = 0
	PC_FRAG_DROP                 ConfigFlags = 1
	PC_FRAG_REASM                ConfigFlags = 2
	PC_FRAG_MASK                 ConfigFlags = 3

type ControllerRole

type ControllerRole int
const (
	ROLE_NOCHANGE ControllerRole = 0
	ROLE_EQUAL    ControllerRole = 1
	ROLE_MASTER   ControllerRole = 2
	ROLE_SLAVE    ControllerRole = 3

type DescStats

type DescStats struct {

func NewDescStats

func NewDescStats() DescStats

func NewDescStatsWithBuf

func NewDescStatsWithBuf(b []byte) DescStats

func ToDescStats

func ToDescStats(p StatsReply) (DescStats, error)

func (DescStats) Clone

func (this DescStats) Clone() (DescStats, error)

func (DescStats) DpDesc

func (this DescStats) DpDesc() [256]byte

func (DescStats) DpDescOffset

func (this DescStats) DpDescOffset() int

func (DescStats) HwDesc

func (this DescStats) HwDesc() [256]byte

func (DescStats) HwDescOffset

func (this DescStats) HwDescOffset() int

func (*DescStats) Init

func (this *DescStats) Init()

func (DescStats) MfrDesc

func (this DescStats) MfrDesc() [256]byte

func (DescStats) MfrDescOffset

func (this DescStats) MfrDescOffset() int

func (DescStats) SerialNum

func (this DescStats) SerialNum() [32]byte

func (DescStats) SerialNumOffset

func (this DescStats) SerialNumOffset() int

func (*DescStats) SetDpDesc

func (this *DescStats) SetDpDesc(d [256]byte)

func (*DescStats) SetHwDesc

func (this *DescStats) SetHwDesc(h [256]byte)

func (*DescStats) SetMfrDesc

func (this *DescStats) SetMfrDesc(m [256]byte)

func (*DescStats) SetSerialNum

func (this *DescStats) SetSerialNum(s [32]byte)

func (*DescStats) SetSwDesc

func (this *DescStats) SetSwDesc(s [256]byte)

func (DescStats) Size

func (this DescStats) Size() int

func (DescStats) SwDesc

func (this DescStats) SwDesc() [256]byte

func (DescStats) SwDescOffset

func (this DescStats) SwDescOffset() int

type DescStatsConn

type DescStatsConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDescStatsConn

func NewDescStatsConn(c net.Conn) DescStatsConn

func (*DescStatsConn) Flush

func (c *DescStatsConn) Flush() error

func (*DescStatsConn) ReadDescStats

func (c *DescStatsConn) ReadDescStats() (DescStats, error)

func (*DescStatsConn) ReadDescStatss

func (c *DescStatsConn) ReadDescStatss(pkts []DescStats) (int, error)

func (*DescStatsConn) WriteDescStats

func (c *DescStatsConn) WriteDescStats(pkt DescStats) error

func (*DescStatsConn) WriteDescStatss

func (c *DescStatsConn) WriteDescStatss(pkts []DescStats) error

type DescStatsConstants

type DescStatsConstants int
const (
	SERIAL_NUM_LEN DescStatsConstants = 32
	DESC_STR_LEN   DescStatsConstants = 256

type EchoReply

type EchoReply struct {

func NewEchoReply

func NewEchoReply() EchoReply

func NewEchoReplyWithBuf

func NewEchoReplyWithBuf(b []byte) EchoReply

func ToEchoReply

func ToEchoReply(p Header12) (EchoReply, error)

func (EchoReply) Clone

func (this EchoReply) Clone() (EchoReply, error)

func (*EchoReply) Init

func (this *EchoReply) Init()

func (EchoReply) Size

func (this EchoReply) Size() int

type EchoReplyConn

type EchoReplyConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEchoReplyConn

func NewEchoReplyConn(c net.Conn) EchoReplyConn

func (*EchoReplyConn) Flush

func (c *EchoReplyConn) Flush() error

func (*EchoReplyConn) ReadEchoReply

func (c *EchoReplyConn) ReadEchoReply() (EchoReply, error)

func (*EchoReplyConn) ReadEchoReplys

func (c *EchoReplyConn) ReadEchoReplys(pkts []EchoReply) (int, error)

func (*EchoReplyConn) WriteEchoReply

func (c *EchoReplyConn) WriteEchoReply(pkt EchoReply) error

func (*EchoReplyConn) WriteEchoReplys

func (c *EchoReplyConn) WriteEchoReplys(pkts []EchoReply) error

type EchoRequest

type EchoRequest struct {

func NewEchoRequest

func NewEchoRequest() EchoRequest

func NewEchoRequestWithBuf

func NewEchoRequestWithBuf(b []byte) EchoRequest

func ToEchoRequest

func ToEchoRequest(p Header12) (EchoRequest, error)

func (EchoRequest) Clone

func (this EchoRequest) Clone() (EchoRequest, error)

func (*EchoRequest) Init

func (this *EchoRequest) Init()

func (EchoRequest) Size

func (this EchoRequest) Size() int

type EchoRequestConn

type EchoRequestConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEchoRequestConn

func NewEchoRequestConn(c net.Conn) EchoRequestConn

func (*EchoRequestConn) Flush

func (c *EchoRequestConn) Flush() error

func (*EchoRequestConn) ReadEchoRequest

func (c *EchoRequestConn) ReadEchoRequest() (EchoRequest, error)

func (*EchoRequestConn) ReadEchoRequests

func (c *EchoRequestConn) ReadEchoRequests(pkts []EchoRequest) (int, error)

func (*EchoRequestConn) WriteEchoRequest

func (c *EchoRequestConn) WriteEchoRequest(pkt EchoRequest) error

func (*EchoRequestConn) WriteEchoRequests

func (c *EchoRequestConn) WriteEchoRequests(pkts []EchoRequest) error

type ErrorMsg

type ErrorMsg struct {

func NewErrorMsg

func NewErrorMsg() ErrorMsg

func NewErrorMsgWithBuf

func NewErrorMsgWithBuf(b []byte) ErrorMsg

func ToErrorMsg

func ToErrorMsg(p Header12) (ErrorMsg, error)

func (*ErrorMsg) AddData

func (this *ErrorMsg) AddData(d uint8)

func (ErrorMsg) Clone

func (this ErrorMsg) Clone() (ErrorMsg, error)

func (ErrorMsg) Code

func (this ErrorMsg) Code() uint16

func (ErrorMsg) CodeOffset

func (this ErrorMsg) CodeOffset() int

func (ErrorMsg) Data

func (this ErrorMsg) Data() []uint8

func (ErrorMsg) DataOffset

func (this ErrorMsg) DataOffset() int

func (ErrorMsg) DataSize

func (this ErrorMsg) DataSize() int

func (ErrorMsg) ErrType

func (this ErrorMsg) ErrType() uint16

func (ErrorMsg) ErrTypeOffset

func (this ErrorMsg) ErrTypeOffset() int

func (*ErrorMsg) Init

func (this *ErrorMsg) Init()

func (*ErrorMsg) SetCode

func (this *ErrorMsg) SetCode(c uint16)

func (*ErrorMsg) SetErrType

func (this *ErrorMsg) SetErrType(e uint16)

func (ErrorMsg) Size

func (this ErrorMsg) Size() int

type ErrorMsgConn

type ErrorMsgConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewErrorMsgConn

func NewErrorMsgConn(c net.Conn) ErrorMsgConn

func (*ErrorMsgConn) Flush

func (c *ErrorMsgConn) Flush() error

func (*ErrorMsgConn) ReadErrorMsg

func (c *ErrorMsgConn) ReadErrorMsg() (ErrorMsg, error)

func (*ErrorMsgConn) ReadErrorMsgs

func (c *ErrorMsgConn) ReadErrorMsgs(pkts []ErrorMsg) (int, error)

func (*ErrorMsgConn) WriteErrorMsg

func (c *ErrorMsgConn) WriteErrorMsg(pkt ErrorMsg) error

func (*ErrorMsgConn) WriteErrorMsgs

func (c *ErrorMsgConn) WriteErrorMsgs(pkts []ErrorMsg) error

type ErrorType

type ErrorType int
const (
	PET_HELLO_FAILED    ErrorType = 0
	PET_BAD_REQUEST     ErrorType = 1
	PET_BAD_ACTION      ErrorType = 2

type FeaturesReply

type FeaturesReply struct {

func NewFeaturesReply

func NewFeaturesReply() FeaturesReply

func NewFeaturesReplyWithBuf

func NewFeaturesReplyWithBuf(b []byte) FeaturesReply

func ToFeaturesReply

func ToFeaturesReply(p Header12) (FeaturesReply, error)

func (FeaturesReply) Actions

func (this FeaturesReply) Actions() uint32

func (FeaturesReply) ActionsOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) ActionsOffset() int

func (*FeaturesReply) AddPorts

func (this *FeaturesReply) AddPorts(p Port)

func (FeaturesReply) Capabilities

func (this FeaturesReply) Capabilities() uint32

func (FeaturesReply) CapabilitiesOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) CapabilitiesOffset() int

func (FeaturesReply) Clone

func (this FeaturesReply) Clone() (FeaturesReply, error)

func (FeaturesReply) DatapathId

func (this FeaturesReply) DatapathId() uint64

func (FeaturesReply) DatapathIdOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) DatapathIdOffset() int

func (*FeaturesReply) Init

func (this *FeaturesReply) Init()

func (FeaturesReply) NBuffers

func (this FeaturesReply) NBuffers() uint32

func (FeaturesReply) NBuffersOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) NBuffersOffset() int

func (FeaturesReply) NTables

func (this FeaturesReply) NTables() uint8

func (FeaturesReply) NTablesOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) NTablesOffset() int

func (FeaturesReply) Pad

func (this FeaturesReply) Pad() [3]uint8

func (FeaturesReply) PadOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) PadOffset() int

func (FeaturesReply) Ports

func (this FeaturesReply) Ports() []Port

func (FeaturesReply) PortsOffset

func (this FeaturesReply) PortsOffset() int

func (FeaturesReply) PortsSize

func (this FeaturesReply) PortsSize() int

func (*FeaturesReply) SetActions

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetActions(a uint32)

func (*FeaturesReply) SetCapabilities

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetCapabilities(c uint32)

func (*FeaturesReply) SetDatapathId

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetDatapathId(d uint64)

func (*FeaturesReply) SetNBuffers

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetNBuffers(n uint32)

func (*FeaturesReply) SetNTables

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetNTables(n uint8)

func (*FeaturesReply) SetPad

func (this *FeaturesReply) SetPad(p [3]uint8)

func (FeaturesReply) Size

func (this FeaturesReply) Size() int

type FeaturesReplyConn

type FeaturesReplyConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFeaturesReplyConn

func NewFeaturesReplyConn(c net.Conn) FeaturesReplyConn

func (*FeaturesReplyConn) Flush

func (c *FeaturesReplyConn) Flush() error

func (*FeaturesReplyConn) ReadFeaturesReply

func (c *FeaturesReplyConn) ReadFeaturesReply() (FeaturesReply, error)

func (*FeaturesReplyConn) ReadFeaturesReplys

func (c *FeaturesReplyConn) ReadFeaturesReplys(pkts []FeaturesReply) (int, error)

func (*FeaturesReplyConn) WriteFeaturesReply

func (c *FeaturesReplyConn) WriteFeaturesReply(pkt FeaturesReply) error

func (*FeaturesReplyConn) WriteFeaturesReplys

func (c *FeaturesReplyConn) WriteFeaturesReplys(pkts []FeaturesReply) error

type FeaturesRequest

type FeaturesRequest struct {

func NewFeaturesRequest

func NewFeaturesRequest() FeaturesRequest

func NewFeaturesRequestWithBuf

func NewFeaturesRequestWithBuf(b []byte) FeaturesRequest

func ToFeaturesRequest

func ToFeaturesRequest(p Header12) (FeaturesRequest, error)

func (FeaturesRequest) Clone

func (this FeaturesRequest) Clone() (FeaturesRequest, error)

func (*FeaturesRequest) Init

func (this *FeaturesRequest) Init()

func (FeaturesRequest) Size

func (this FeaturesRequest) Size() int

type FeaturesRequestConn

type FeaturesRequestConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFeaturesRequestConn

func NewFeaturesRequestConn(c net.Conn) FeaturesRequestConn

func (*FeaturesRequestConn) Flush

func (c *FeaturesRequestConn) Flush() error

func (*FeaturesRequestConn) ReadFeaturesRequest

func (c *FeaturesRequestConn) ReadFeaturesRequest() (FeaturesRequest, error)

func (*FeaturesRequestConn) ReadFeaturesRequests

func (c *FeaturesRequestConn) ReadFeaturesRequests(pkts []FeaturesRequest) (int, error)

func (*FeaturesRequestConn) WriteFeaturesRequest

func (c *FeaturesRequestConn) WriteFeaturesRequest(pkt FeaturesRequest) error

func (*FeaturesRequestConn) WriteFeaturesRequests

func (c *FeaturesRequestConn) WriteFeaturesRequests(pkts []FeaturesRequest) error

type FlowMod

type FlowMod struct {

func NewFlowMod

func NewFlowMod() FlowMod

func NewFlowModWithBuf

func NewFlowModWithBuf(b []byte) FlowMod

func ToFlowMod

func ToFlowMod(p Header12) (FlowMod, error)

func (*FlowMod) AddInstructions

func (this *FlowMod) AddInstructions(i Instruction)

func (FlowMod) BufferId

func (this FlowMod) BufferId() uint32

func (FlowMod) BufferIdOffset

func (this FlowMod) BufferIdOffset() int

func (FlowMod) Clone

func (this FlowMod) Clone() (FlowMod, error)

func (FlowMod) Command

func (this FlowMod) Command() uint8

func (FlowMod) CommandOffset

func (this FlowMod) CommandOffset() int

func (FlowMod) Cookie

func (this FlowMod) Cookie() uint64

func (FlowMod) CookieMask

func (this FlowMod) CookieMask() uint64

func (FlowMod) CookieMaskOffset

func (this FlowMod) CookieMaskOffset() int

func (FlowMod) CookieOffset

func (this FlowMod) CookieOffset() int

func (FlowMod) Flags

func (this FlowMod) Flags() uint16

func (FlowMod) FlagsOffset

func (this FlowMod) FlagsOffset() int

func (FlowMod) HardTimeout

func (this FlowMod) HardTimeout() uint16

func (FlowMod) HardTimeoutOffset

func (this FlowMod) HardTimeoutOffset() int

func (FlowMod) IdleTimeout

func (this FlowMod) IdleTimeout() uint16

func (FlowMod) IdleTimeoutOffset

func (this FlowMod) IdleTimeoutOffset() int

func (*FlowMod) Init

func (this *FlowMod) Init()

func (FlowMod) Instructions

func (this FlowMod) Instructions() []Instruction

func (FlowMod) InstructionsOffset

func (this FlowMod) InstructionsOffset() int

func (FlowMod) InstructionsSize

func (this FlowMod) InstructionsSize() int

func (FlowMod) Match

func (this FlowMod) Match() Match

func (FlowMod) MatchOffset

func (this FlowMod) MatchOffset() int

func (FlowMod) MatchSize

func (this FlowMod) MatchSize() int

func (FlowMod) OutGroup

func (this FlowMod) OutGroup() uint32

func (FlowMod) OutGroupOffset

func (this FlowMod) OutGroupOffset() int

func (FlowMod) OutPort

func (this FlowMod) OutPort() uint32

func (FlowMod) OutPortOffset

func (this FlowMod) OutPortOffset() int

func (FlowMod) Pad

func (this FlowMod) Pad() [2]uint8

func (FlowMod) PadOffset

func (this FlowMod) PadOffset() int

func (FlowMod) Priority

func (this FlowMod) Priority() uint16

func (FlowMod) PriorityOffset

func (this FlowMod) PriorityOffset() int

func (*FlowMod) SetBufferId

func (this *FlowMod) SetBufferId(b uint32)

func (*FlowMod) SetCommand

func (this *FlowMod) SetCommand(c uint8)

func (*FlowMod) SetCookie

func (this *FlowMod) SetCookie(c uint64)

func (*FlowMod) SetCookieMask

func (this *FlowMod) SetCookieMask(c uint64)

func (*FlowMod) SetFlags

func (this *FlowMod) SetFlags(f uint16)

func (*FlowMod) SetHardTimeout

func (this *FlowMod) SetHardTimeout(h uint16)

func (*FlowMod) SetIdleTimeout

func (this *FlowMod) SetIdleTimeout(i uint16)

func (*FlowMod) SetMatch

func (this *FlowMod) SetMatch(m Match)

func (*FlowMod) SetOutGroup

func (this *FlowMod) SetOutGroup(o uint32)

func (*FlowMod) SetOutPort

func (this *FlowMod) SetOutPort(o uint32)

func (*FlowMod) SetPad

func (this *FlowMod) SetPad(p [2]uint8)

func (*FlowMod) SetPriority

func (this *FlowMod) SetPriority(p uint16)

func (*FlowMod) SetTableId

func (this *FlowMod) SetTableId(t uint8)

func (FlowMod) Size

func (this FlowMod) Size() int

func (FlowMod) TableId

func (this FlowMod) TableId() uint8

func (FlowMod) TableIdOffset

func (this FlowMod) TableIdOffset() int

type FlowModCommand

type FlowModCommand int
const (
	PFC_ADD           FlowModCommand = 0
	PFC_MODIFY        FlowModCommand = 1
	PFC_MODIFY_STRICT FlowModCommand = 2
	PFC_DELETE        FlowModCommand = 3
	PFC_DELETE_STRICT FlowModCommand = 4

type FlowModConn

type FlowModConn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFlowModConn

func NewFlowModConn(c net.Conn) FlowModConn

func (*FlowModConn) Flush

func (c *FlowModConn) Flush() error

func (*FlowModConn) ReadFlowMod

func (c *FlowModConn) ReadFlowMod() (FlowMod, error)

func (*FlowModConn)