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Go Si Mac

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gosimac downloads Bing's daily wallpapers, Unsplash's random images, and etc. for you to have a beautiful wallpaper on your desktop whenever you want. Personally, I wrote this to have fun and help one of my friends who is not among us right now. 😞


  GoSiMac [command]

Available Commands:
  bing        fetches images from https://bing.com
  help        Help about any command
  unsplash    fetches images from https://unsplash.org

  -h, --help          help for GoSiMac
  -n, --number int    The number of photos to return (default 10)
  -p, --path string   A path to store the photos (default "/home/parham/Pictures/GoSiMac")
  -v, --version       version for GoSiMac

As an example, the following command downloads 10 images from unsplash while using Tehran as a search query.

export http_proxy=""
export https_proxy=""

gosimac u -q Tehran -n 10
set http_proxy ""
set https_proxy ""
$env:HTTP_PROXY = ""
$env:HTTPS_PROXY = ""

gosimac u -q Tehran -n 10

By default, gosimac stores images in $HOME/Pictures/GoSiMac.


This module is highly customizable and new sources can easily add just by implementing source interface.

// Source represents source for image background.
type Source interface {
	Init() (int, error)                             // call once on source and return number of available images to fetch
	Name() string                                   // name of source in string format
	Fetch(index int) (string, io.ReadCloser, error) // fetch image from source

The Init method is called on initiation and returns number of available images to download. Then for each image Fetch is called and the result is stored at the user specific location. By implementing this interface you can create new sources for gosimac.


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Package bing provides a simple way to access bing API.
Package bing provides a simple way to access bing API.

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