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type App

type App struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

App is a GoSiMac application. It contains all gosimac functionality. it fetchs background from given source and store them in the given path.

func NewApp

func NewApp(path string, source Source) *App

NewApp creates new app from given source.

func (*App) Run

func (a *App) Run() error

Run application that fetches images and store them.

func (*App) Wait

func (a *App) Wait()

Wait waits until all images are fetched.

type Source

type Source interface {
	Init() (int, error)                             // call once on source and return number of available images to fetch
	Name() string                                   // name of source in string format
	Fetch(index int) (string, io.ReadCloser, error) // fetch image from source

Source represents source for image background.

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