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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:


type Healthz

type Healthz struct {

func (Healthz) Handle

func (h Healthz) Handle(c echo.Context) error

Handle shows server is up and running.

func (Healthz) Register

func (h Healthz) Register(g *echo.Group)

Register registers the routes of healthz handler on given echo group.

type URL

type URL struct {
	Store store.URL

URL handles interaction with URLs.

func (URL) Count

func (h URL) Count(c echo.Context) error

Count retrieves the access count for the given short URL.

func (URL) Create

func (h URL) Create(c echo.Context) error

Create generates short URL and save it on database.

func (URL) Register

func (h URL) Register(g *echo.Group)

Register registers the routes of URL handler on given group.

func (URL) Retrieve

func (h URL) Retrieve(c echo.Context) error

Retrieve retrieves URL for given short URL and redirect to it.

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