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Slick is a modular and extendable slack client with a terminal based ui, while also aiming to be simple and intuitive. It has been designed to have an approachable default configuration but to be easily extended with lua.

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  1. Download a release from the releases page here.
  2. Make slick executable: chmod 775 slick*
  3. Move slick into your path: mv slick* /usr/local/bin/slick
  4. Start slick: slick

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  • Modal - Slick borrows a text based, modal workflow from vi. Most functionality requires one keypress, or can be easily mapped to a key.
  • Scriptable - Add new commands (ie, /foo) or keyboard bindings (ie, press a) and bind them to slick commands. Or, write your own functionality in Lua - for example, here's a plugin to encrypt a message to a user on keybase and send it to them via slack. Learn More
  • Batteries Included - Distributed as a static binary with no dependencies. Installation is simple. Slick is updated automatically on start.
  • Not built on electron - Slick is terminal based. Reduce the number of bloated chrome vms running on your system.

And a bunch of smaller things:

  • Quick jump to another team / channel with p
  • Multiple teams
  • Tab completion for file paths
  • A lua standard library
  • Emoji support
  • Extensive theming support - ie, here are a few examples


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