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const Avagadro = 6.022140857E+23
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const R = 8.314472 // J mol^-1K^-1


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type Mass

type Mass struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Grams

func Grams(mass float64) Mass

func Kilograms

func Kilograms(mass float64) Mass

func Ounces

func Ounces(mass float64) Mass

func Pounds

func Pounds(mass float64) Mass

func (Mass) Grams

func (m Mass) Grams() float64

func (Mass) Kilograms

func (m Mass) Kilograms() float64

func (Mass) Ounces

func (m Mass) Ounces() float64

func (Mass) Pounds

func (m Mass) Pounds() float64

type Pressure

type Pressure struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Atmospheres

func Atmospheres(pressure float64) Pressure

func Bars

func Bars(pressure float64) Pressure

func KiloPascals

func KiloPascals(pressure float64) Pressure

func Pascals

func Pascals(pressure float64) Pressure

func PoundsPerSquareInch

func PoundsPerSquareInch(pressure float64) Pressure

func (Pressure) Atmospheres

func (p Pressure) Atmospheres() float64

func (Pressure) Bars

func (p Pressure) Bars() float64

func (Pressure) KiloPascals

func (p Pressure) KiloPascals() float64

func (Pressure) Pascals

func (p Pressure) Pascals() float64

func (Pressure) PoundsPerSquareInch

func (p Pressure) PoundsPerSquareInch() float64

type Temperature

type Temperature struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Celcius

func Celcius(temp float64) Temperature

func Farenehit

func Farenehit(temp float64) Temperature

func Kelvin

func Kelvin(temp float64) Temperature

func (Temperature) Celcius

func (t Temperature) Celcius() float64

func (Temperature) Farenehit

func (t Temperature) Farenehit() float64

func (Temperature) Kelvin

func (t Temperature) Kelvin() float64

type Volume

type Volume struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CubicFeet

func CubicFeet(volume float64) Volume

func CubicInches

func CubicInches(volume float64) Volume

func CubicMeters

func CubicMeters(volume float64) Volume

func Litres

func Litres(volume float64) Volume

func Milliliters

func Milliliters(volume float64) Volume

func USGallons

func USGallons(volume float64) Volume

func USLiquidOunces

func USLiquidOunces(volume float64) Volume

func (Volume) CubicFeet

func (v Volume) CubicFeet() float64

func (Volume) CubicInches

func (v Volume) CubicInches() float64

func (Volume) CubicMeters

func (v Volume) CubicMeters() float64

func (Volume) Litres

func (v Volume) Litres() float64

func (Volume) Milliliters

func (v Volume) Milliliters() float64

func (Volume) USGallons

func (v Volume) USGallons() float64

func (Volume) USLiquidOunces

func (v Volume) USLiquidOunces() float64

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