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const Version = 1

Version is the map state Version. States with old versions should perform an upgrade before.


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type MapState

type MapState struct {
	PinMap  map[string]api.CidArgSerial
	Version int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MapState is a very simple database to store the state of the system using a Go map. It is thread safe. It implements the State interface.

func NewMapState

func NewMapState() *MapState

NewMapState initializes the internal map and returns a new MapState object.

func (*MapState) Add

func (st *MapState) Add(c api.CidArg) error

Add adds a CidArg to the internal map.

func (*MapState) Get

func (st *MapState) Get(c *cid.Cid) api.CidArg

Get returns CidArg information for a CID.

func (*MapState) Has

func (st *MapState) Has(c *cid.Cid) bool

Has returns true if the Cid belongs to the State.

func (*MapState) List

func (st *MapState) List() []api.CidArg

List provides the list of tracked CidArgs.

func (*MapState) Rm

func (st *MapState) Rm(c *cid.Cid) error

Rm removes a Cid from the internal map.

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