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This provider exposes resources that we don't want to wait for terraform upstream to merge. There is a PR open but incomplete with terraform and we plan to finish it eventually.

This provider will eventually be merged completely into the upstream terraform provider.

To use:

  • check out
  • run tests
    • add several variables to your environment:
      • TF_ACC (set to anything)
      • GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS, set to the contents of a secrets file downloaded from google
      • GOOGLE_PROJECT, set to the project for the above credentials
      • GOOGLE_REGION, set to us-central1
    • execute tests using makefile
      • make tests TESTARGS=<args to pass to 'go test'>
      • ex to only run dataflow tests "make test TESTARGS='--run=Dataflow'"
  • install binary to $GOBIN to make it usable system wide (assumes GOBIN is in your PATH)
    • make install
  • edit terraform.rc (see terraform docs here: https://terraform.io/docs/plugins/basics.html) to have the following block: providers { googlecli = "terraform-provider-googlecli" }
  • build and copy file to terraform install
    • locate terraform install
    • make build
    • cp terraform-provider-googlecli TERRAFORM_INSTALL_LOCATION

And there is a Makefile that will do all of the above.


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