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Published: Sep 23, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


type ErrorHandler

type ErrorHandler func(ctx *gin.Context)

ErrorHandler handler error

var DefaultFailureHandler ErrorHandler = func(ctx *gin.Context) {
	rushLogger.Error("rate limited access, pease check again later")
	ctx.AbortWithStatusJSON(http.StatusBadRequest, gin.H{"message": "rate limited access, pease check again later"})

DefaultFailureHandler default error handler

type Frequency

type Frequency struct {
	Passages       []string
	Rules          []Rule
	Model          Model
	FailureHandler ErrorHandler

Frequency limit

type Limit

type Limit struct {
	Frequency *Frequency

Limit plugin

func New

func New() *Limit

New defined new limit

func (*Limit) AddOptions

func (l *Limit) AddOptions(opts ...Option) *Limit

AddOptions defined add option

func (*Limit) Plugin

func (l *Limit) Plugin(router *gin.RouterGroup)

Plugin for Limit

type Model

type Model interface {
	Save(string, string, string, int)
	Find(string, string, string, int) interface{}

Model token store

type Option

type Option func(*Limit) interface{}

Option defined implement of option

type RedisModel

type RedisModel struct {
	Redis *redisext.Redis

RedisModel adapter for redis

func (*RedisModel) Find

func (model *RedisModel) Find(ip string, url string, method string, rate int) interface{}

Find find a token

func (*RedisModel) Save

func (model *RedisModel) Save(ip string, url string, method string, rate int)

Save save a token

type Rule

type Rule struct {
	Methods []string
	Match   string
	Rate    int

Rule defined

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