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Published: Mar 16, 2016 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause Imports: 8 Imported by: 0



Package seq implements the machine-dependent seq serialization format.

Implementations of Transact and FinalizeRef are provided by a specific foreign language binding package, e.g.

Designed only for use by the code generated by gobind. Don't try to use this directly.



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var DecString func(in *Buffer) string

DecString decodes a string encoded in the Buffer.

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var EncString func(out *Buffer, v string)

EncString encodes a Go string into the Buffer.

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var FinalizeRef func(ref *Ref)

FinalizeRef is the finalizer used on foreign objects.

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var Registry = make(map[string]map[int]Func)

Registry holds functions callable from gobind generated bindings. Functions are keyed by descriptor and function code.

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var Transact func(ref *Ref, desc string, code int, in *Buffer) (out *Buffer)

Transact calls a method on a foreign object instance. It blocks until the call is complete.


func Delete

func Delete(num int32)

Delete decrements the reference count and removes the pinned object from the object map when the reference count becomes zero.

func Register

func Register(descriptor string, code int, fn Func)

Register registers a function in the Registry.


type Buffer

type Buffer struct {
	Data   []byte
	Offset int // position of next read/write from Data

Buffer is a set of arguments or return values from a function call across the language boundary. Encoding is machine-dependent.

func (*Buffer) ReadBool

func (b *Buffer) ReadBool() bool

func (*Buffer) ReadByteArray

func (b *Buffer) ReadByteArray() []byte

func (*Buffer) ReadError

func (b *Buffer) ReadError() error

func (*Buffer) ReadFloat32

func (b *Buffer) ReadFloat32() float32

func (*Buffer) ReadFloat64

func (b *Buffer) ReadFloat64() float64

func (*Buffer) ReadInt

func (b *Buffer) ReadInt() int

func (*Buffer) ReadInt16

func (b *Buffer) ReadInt16() int16

func (*Buffer) ReadInt32

func (b *Buffer) ReadInt32() int32

func (*Buffer) ReadInt64

func (b *Buffer) ReadInt64() int64

func (*Buffer) ReadInt8

func (b *Buffer) ReadInt8() int8

func (*Buffer) ReadRef

func (b *Buffer) ReadRef() *Ref

func (*Buffer) ReadString

func (b *Buffer) ReadString() string

func (*Buffer) ReadUTF16

func (b *Buffer) ReadUTF16() string

func (*Buffer) ReadUTF8

func (b *Buffer) ReadUTF8() string

func (*Buffer) String

func (b *Buffer) String() string

func (*Buffer) WriteBool

func (b *Buffer) WriteBool(v bool)

func (*Buffer) WriteByteArray

func (b *Buffer) WriteByteArray(byt []byte)

func (*Buffer) WriteFloat32

func (b *Buffer) WriteFloat32(v float32)

func (*Buffer) WriteFloat64

func (b *Buffer) WriteFloat64(v float64)

func (*Buffer) WriteGoRef

func (b *Buffer) WriteGoRef(obj interface{})

func (*Buffer) WriteInt

func (b *Buffer) WriteInt(v int)

func (*Buffer) WriteInt16

func (b *Buffer) WriteInt16(v int16)

func (*Buffer) WriteInt32

func (b *Buffer) WriteInt32(v int32)

func (*Buffer) WriteInt64

func (b *Buffer) WriteInt64(v int64)

func (*Buffer) WriteInt8

func (b *Buffer) WriteInt8(v int8)

func (*Buffer) WriteString

func (b *Buffer) WriteString(v string)

func (*Buffer) WriteUTF16

func (b *Buffer) WriteUTF16(s string)

func (*Buffer) WriteUTF8

func (b *Buffer) WriteUTF8(s string)

type Func

type Func func(out, in *Buffer)

A Func can be registered and called by a foreign language.

type Ref

type Ref struct {
	Num int32

A Ref represents a Java or Go object passed across the language boundary.

func (*Ref) Get

func (r *Ref) Get() interface{}

Get returns the underlying object.

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