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Database migrations written in Go. Use as CLI or import as library.

go get -u -tags 'postgres' -o migrate github.com/mattes/migrate/cli

import (
  _ "github.com/mattes/migrate/database/postgres"


Database drivers are responsible for applying migrations to databases. Implementing a new database driver is easy. Just implement database/driver interface

Migration Sources

Source Drivers read migrations from various locations. Implementing a new source driver is easy. Just implement the source/driver interface.

CLI usage

# dowload, build and install the CLI tool
# -tags takes database and source drivers and will only build those
$ go get -u -tags 'postgres' -o migrate github.com/mattes/migrate/cli

$ migrate -help
Usage: migrate OPTIONS COMMAND [arg...]
       migrate [ -version | -help ]

  -source      Location of the migrations (driver://url)
  -path        Shorthand for -source=file://path
  -database    Run migrations against this database (driver://url)
  -prefetch N  Number of migrations to load in advance before executing (default 10)
  -verbose     Print verbose logging
  -version     Print version
  -help        Print usage

  goto V       Migrate to version V
  up [N]       Apply all or N up migrations
  down [N]     Apply all or N down migrations
  drop         Drop everyting inside database
  version      Print current migration version

# so let's say you want to run the first two migrations
migrate -database postgres://localhost:5432/database up 2

# if your migrations are hosted on github
migrate -source github://mattes:personal-access-token@mattes/migrate_test \
  -database postgres://localhost:5432/database down 2

Use in your Go project

import (
  _ "github.com/mattes/migrate/database/postgres"
  _ "github.com/mattes/migrate/source/github"

func main() {
  m, err := migrate.New("github://mattes:personal-access-token@mattes/migrate_test",

Migration files

Each migration version has an up and down migration.


Development, Testing and Contributing

  1. Make sure you have a running Docker daemon (Install for MacOS)
  2. Fork this repo and git clone somewhere to $GOPATH/src/github.com/%you%/migrate
  3. make rewrite-import-paths to update imports to your local fork
  4. Confirm tests are working: make test-short
  5. Write awesome code ...
  6. make test to run all tests against all database versions
  7. make restore-import-paths to restore import paths
  8. Push code and open Pull Request

Some more notes:

  • You can specify which database/ source tests to run:
    make test-short SOURCE='file go-bindata' DATABASE='postgres cassandra'
  • After make test, run make html-coverage which opens a shiny test coverage overview.
  • Missing imports? make deps
  • make build-cli builds the CLI in directory cli/build/.
  • make list-external-deps lists all external dependencies for each package





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var (
	ErrNoChange   = fmt.Errorf("no change")
	ErrNilVersion = fmt.Errorf("no migration")
	ErrLocked     = fmt.Errorf("database locked")
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var DefaultBufferSize = uint(100000)
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var DefaultPrefetchMigrations = uint(10)
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var ErrNoName = fmt.Errorf("no name")


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type ErrShortLimit

type ErrShortLimit struct {
	Short uint

func (ErrShortLimit) Error

func (e ErrShortLimit) Error() string

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	Printf(format string, v ...interface{})
	Verbose() bool

type Migrate

type Migrate struct {
	Log Logger

	GracefulStop chan bool

	PrefetchMigrations uint
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(sourceUrl, databaseUrl string) (*Migrate, error)

func NewWithDatabaseInstance

func NewWithDatabaseInstance(sourceUrl string, databaseName string, databaseInstance database.Driver) (*Migrate, error)

func NewWithInstance

func NewWithInstance(sourceName string, sourceInstance source.Driver, databaseName string, databaseInstance database.Driver) (*Migrate, error)

func NewWithSourceInstance

func NewWithSourceInstance(sourceName string, sourceInstance source.Driver, databaseUrl string) (*Migrate, error)

func (*Migrate) Close

func (m *Migrate) Close() (sourceErr error, databaseErr error)

func (*Migrate) Down

func (m *Migrate) Down() error

func (*Migrate) Drop

func (m *Migrate) Drop() error

func (*Migrate) Migrate

func (m *Migrate) Migrate(version uint) error

func (*Migrate) Steps

func (m *Migrate) Steps(n int) error

func (*Migrate) Up

func (m *Migrate) Up() error

func (*Migrate) Version

func (m *Migrate) Version() (uint, error)

type Migration

type Migration struct {
	Identifier    string
	Version       uint
	TargetVersion int

	Body         io.ReadCloser
	BufferedBody io.Reader
	BufferSize   uint

	Scheduled         time.Time
	StartedBuffering  time.Time
	FinishedBuffering time.Time
	FinishedReading   time.Time
	BytesRead         int64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMigration

func NewMigration(body io.ReadCloser, identifier string, version uint, targetVersion int) (*Migration, error)

func (*Migration) Buffer

func (m *Migration) Buffer() error

Buffer buffers up to BufferSize (blocking, call with goroutine)

func (*Migration) String

func (m *Migration) String() string

func (*Migration) StringLong

func (m *Migration) StringLong() string

type MultiError

type MultiError struct {
	Errs []error

func NewMultiError

func NewMultiError(errs ...error) MultiError

func (MultiError) Error

func (m MultiError) Error() string


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Deprecated: package migrate is here to make sure v2 is downwards compatible with v1
Deprecated: package migrate is here to make sure v2 is downwards compatible with v1

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