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func NewConnectorErrorForTest

func NewConnectorErrorForTest(state int, code int, codeText, context, description string) gobolt.ConnectorError

func NewDatabaseErrorForTest

func NewDatabaseErrorForTest(classification, code, message string) gobolt.DatabaseError

func NewDriverErrorForTest

func NewDriverErrorForTest(format string, args ...interface{}) gobolt.GenericError


type MemoryLogging

type MemoryLogging struct {
	// Errors contains all log messages written at Error level
	Errors []string
	// Warnings contains all log messages written at Warning level
	Warnings []string
	// Infos contains all log messages written at Info level
	Infos []string
	// Debugs contains all log messages written at Debug level
	Debugs []string

MemoryLogging collects all log messages into its own data structures, mostly to be used in tests

func (*MemoryLogging) DebugEnabled

func (log *MemoryLogging) DebugEnabled() bool

DebugEnabled returns whether Debug level is enabled

func (*MemoryLogging) Debugf

func (log *MemoryLogging) Debugf(message string, args ...interface{})

Debugf writes a log message at Debug level

func (*MemoryLogging) ErrorEnabled

func (log *MemoryLogging) ErrorEnabled() bool

ErrorEnabled returns whether Error level is enabled

func (*MemoryLogging) Errorf

func (log *MemoryLogging) Errorf(message string, args ...interface{})

Errorf writes a log message at Error level

func (*MemoryLogging) InfoEnabled

func (log *MemoryLogging) InfoEnabled() bool

InfoEnabled returns whether Info level is enabled

func (*MemoryLogging) Infof

func (log *MemoryLogging) Infof(message string, args ...interface{})

Infof writes a log message at Info level

func (*MemoryLogging) WarningEnabled

func (log *MemoryLogging) WarningEnabled() bool

WarningEnabled returns whether Warning level is enabled

func (*MemoryLogging) Warningf

func (log *MemoryLogging) Warningf(message string, args ...interface{})

Warningf writes a log message at Warning level

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